I got to go running!

This morning I met up with my running buddy, Kim, and was able to run 10 miles! Kim and I ran the first 5 miles together and then I headed back out on my own for the second half. My leg hurt some when we first started out, but it went away. And it never hurt the way it did last weekend. I had some dull pain off and on, but I made sure to mix in some walk breaks to give my leg a rest. It was freezing this morning! When Kim and I met up it was 25 degrees outside. I had to break out my running capris for the first time since last winter. I snapped a running ‘selfie’ around mile 8, but I think my beginner’s luck with selfies is wearing off.

I knew I could do it today. Want to know why? Summer Sanders told me so.

Speaking of this month’s Runner’s World, the Editor’s Letter section said that there will be live coverage of the New York City Marathon on ESPN2 next weekend (Nov. 3). I am all over that!

I am hoping to do another 10 miles tomorrow if my leg feels good. Today I am icing and wearing compression socks in the hope that it will help keep things in order. I don’t want to push it and end up back where I was a week ago, though.

Once I got home I gave Hank and Scout baths. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself, because the last time I gave them baths Hank got sprayed in the face by a skunk the next morning. I do not want to go through that again. After the dogs were clean I got cleaned up and went to visit Barry at work. They recently switched to new robotic milkers (as opposed to a “standard” milking parlor where the milking machines are put on the cow by a person). It was really neat, I hadn’t seen anything like that before. The cows are still in the training phase of learning how things work with the new milkers. It was pretty funny to watch one go in to get milked while the others stood there and watched closely.

Now it’s time to watch the Hokies take on Duke! Go Tech Go!!

Do you ever watch running on TV? Are you going to watch the live coverage of the NYCM?

Are you having winter-like temperatures?
We flew right by fall and arrived in winter.

19 thoughts on “I got to go running!”

  1. So glad you got to run! I am all over the NYC marathon, too! I am so excited after traveling the past 2 weekends to spend next weekend at home, presumably lazy and on the couch.

  2. Glad your leg felt good on your run. The milking machines are kind of fascinating. The other cows watching and learning cracks me up.We have cold mornings and evenings but the days have been beautiful!

  3. I’m cracking up at the cows watching the machine! We toured a huge dairy in Indiana where they had an ENORMOUS revolving carousel thing that the cows stood on. By the time they got back to where they started, the milking was over and they hopped off. It’s amazing to me how the cows learn!So happy you had a good run!!

    1. I’ve never seen a rotary milking parlor like the one you described, but those are really neat too! The cows are good at routines once they figure out what to do.

  4. Glad you could get out for run without too much pain. Hope you get in another uneventful run today (Sunday).Gotta love cows!LUD.

  5. Whooo hooo!! So glad you got to go running!!you really only wore capris in 25 degree weather? I am like full-on running tights at that point. I am LOVING this colder weather, though.

    1. Haha, yea I wore capris, a technical t-shirt, and a fleece zip-up jacket. I also wore gloves. But it was also supposed to warm up to 40 by the time we were done. If it was going to stay 25 for the duration of the run I may have chosen tights instead.

  6. I can assure you that we are NOT experiencing cold temps. I’ll be trying to stream from here…although I’m not sure if I’ll be able too (and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay awake!) – but I have a runner who is running, so I definitely hope so!

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