Ten observations from the bike

1. The trail is a lot bumpier than I realized. Turns out you notice those bumps a lot more when you’re on a bike. Same goes for gradual uphills and gradual downhills.
2. Dressing for a bike ride in chilly or windy conditions is a whole other beast from dressing for a run in the same conditions. For running I always dress 10 degrees warmer than the actual temp. For biking I have to dress 15 degrees colder than the actual temp.


3. Dogs take more notice of bikers than they do of runners.
4. People standing in the middle of the trail having a conversation will ignore your approach on a bike as much as they do when you’re on foot. Kind of silly of them because I totally have the upper hand on a bike.
5. Bike computers can be as complicated as a GPS watch. But just like a GPS watch, if you just keep pushing buttons eventually you will hit the right combination and it will start tracking your distance, speed, and time

6. Riding through a swarm if gnats creates a much more precarious situation than running through them. I’m much more likely to veer off the trail and crash when I’m riding with my eyes closed than when I’m running with my eyes closed.

7. Fallen leaves on the trail hide all sorts of dangerous objects: sticks, large rocks, and fallen walnuts (still in their green tennis ball-sized shell). All of these objects are just waiting to unseat you from your bike.


8. There is a smaller range of temperatures I will ride in than the range I will run in. Forty degrees, windy and raining (yesterday’s weather) won’t stop me from heading outside for a run, but you won’t catch me biking in that weather.

9. It’s a lot harder to have a conversation while biking than while running, even when you’re riding next to each other. I think Barry and I used the word “what!?” more than anything else during our ride on Tuesday.

From a summer bike ride together

10. Saddle sore does not just apply to horse saddles. We’ll leave it at that.

What observations have you made from the bike?

What observations have you made while doing other forms of exercise?

12 thoughts on “Ten observations from the bike”

  1. Biking – Now you’re talking.1. You’re not supposed to keep your butt on the seat. It is only there to use when you are at rest.2. Difference between dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures. Discovering the effects of wind chill.3. Ride faster.4. You can’t fix stupid5. Ain’t science neat?6. Wear eye protection. Inhaling gnats isn’t that bad. Good source of protein. Sort of like mini shot blocks.7. Can’t help you here but I’ll bet you can turn an ankle just as quickly on these trail hazards.8. Agreed. Foul weather takes the fun out of a ride.9. Women always find a way to chat while running/biking, etc.10. See #1.LUD.

    1. Touche! One question though- if I’m not supposed to keep my butt on the seat, what am I supposed to be doing? Surely you don’t mean I’m supposed to stand up the whole time?

  2. Ha ha ha, love this and love your dad’s responses! I’m a fair weather cyclist, and I hit the trainer the minute it starts to get cold or wet. I never bike without sunglasses on. Not only do glasse keep the bugs at bay, but they’ll protect you from rocks or other road debris that gets kicked up.

    1. I think it’s really hard not to be a fair weather cyclist. It was super cold again today so I hit the pool. Good point on the debris possibly flying up! Another good reason to wear some sort of glasses.

  3. Maybe he means you aren’t supposed to sit ALL your weight on the saddle. Some should be in your arms, and the pressure of your feet on the pedals should take some weight off your butt, too. I don’t exactly hover, but I also don’t put the weight on my toosh that I do while I’m sitting in my desk chair or the like. And at the very least, you get through the swarm of bugs faster on the bike than you do when you’re running! :)Glad you are finding some humor (and a workout!) in an otherwise bummer situation. πŸ™‚

  4. I separated my shoulder once when an irrigation sprinkler head popped on and squirted water in my eyes and made me wreck my bike. That probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d been running!I love your Dad’s comments!

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