Moon Pies and Ironman

I am feeling pretty good after yesterday’s long long run. I woke up this morning with a little bit of soreness in my quads (which only bothers me when I’m going up or down stairs) and my back is sore. I’m glad to report my hips, knees, ankles, and feet all feel fine. I’m going to give a lot of credit to that ice bath.

Speaking of which, when we went by the grocery store yesterday to get some bagged ice, Barry also picked up some treats. Among those treats were two Moon Pies to celebrate my 20 miler. Barry picked up two because obviously you can’t eat a Moon Pie by yourself.

Do you want to know a secret about Moon Pies? Warm them up in the microwave and then eat them with a fork. It will make them taste amazing. This wisdom is courtesy of my father-in-law.

I was trying to find TV coverage for the Ironman World Championships this weekend in Kona, but had no luck (I did later figure out there was live coverage online). I asked my dad to check his cable, since he gets more channels than we do. I received this hilarious picture message from him Friday afternoon:

Note the description on the right. Dad sent me this picture along with the message “I searched iron man. Is this what you were looking for?” I replied back “Nope, try again :)” Of course my dad did know that this was not what I was in search of, but sent it to me as a joke. Just thought I should mention that…

By the way, do you remember those stuffed dog toys I got for Hank and Scout recently?

Well, this is all that’s left of them now:

They like to pull all of the stuffing out of them and chew them up to a certain extent. Then they will carry whatever scraps are left around like the toys are their babies. Strange dogs. This is what they always do with stuffed toys, and is the reason Barry doesn’t like me to buy them for the dogs. But it makes them so happy!

Have you ever had a Moon Pie? Ever had one that had been warmed up in the microwave?

What are your Sunday plans?

12 thoughts on “Moon Pies and Ironman”

  1. Moon pies are good and I never thought of warming them up. But I can only imagine enhancing all that gooey decadence would only add to the pleasure.Sunday plans have been abandoned due to this lousy weather. Starting to feel a little lethargic.LUD.

  2. Never had a moon pie! I did my long run then did some recovery at peter’s winery and stopped by trader joes for groceries! now i’m spending the night of the night relaxing 🙂 i still have work tomorrow so I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little bit!

    1. Oh man, you need to try one! I like the vanilla ones, but they also come in chocolate (and banana, I think). Your Sunday sounds like a nice day!

  3. Never had a moon pie! Lemon would do that all the time to squeaky stuffed toys. I never got them for her because she destroyed them within 5 minutes and I did not want her to get sick on the stuffing, but sometimes I would because it made her happy 🙂 Went for a nice long hike in lieu of my run today. We went pretty high so it was a lot of work.

    1. Surprisingly, Hank and Scout kept these ones “alive” for about a week before tearing them up. I don’t buy them those kind of toys often, since they just destroy them, but like you I can’t help it every once in awhile because it does make them happy which makes me happy.

  4. Those stuffed toys are history! I’ve had chocolate moon pies. :)Glad you are recovering well from your 20-miler. I didn’t realize this before but one of my friends (who practices Sports Chiropractic Care) worked at KONA today. She’s one of few who practice Active Release Techniques and she works with all kinds of elite athletes and even Olympians.

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