That better at least improve my endurance

Last night I was back at the high school track to tack on one more repeat for my Yasso 800s I’ve been working on. I did 8 x 800m for a total of 7 miles. I stayed at last week’s goal of 4:25. This week was going to be interesting, because it was my first time doing a track workout after a long long run (long long run= over 13 miles). I don’t know why I went out so hard on the first two, but I spent the remaining 6 hanging on for dear life.

1- 4:16             5- 4:19

2- 4:11             6- 4:15
3- 4:22             7- 4:11
4- 4:19             8- 4:02

Judging by the fact that my legs are more sore now than they were after Saturday’s 16 miler, I’m going to say that maybe wasn’t the best idea. But so far I don’t feel anything more than just soreness and today is a rest day.

The gnats were out in full force last night. I do not know how they are so good at flying right into my eye or into the back of my throat, but they are. There is another annoying bug that is back in my life now: the stink bug. He made his reappearance this weekend. As the name implies, all stink bugs really do is stink. I’ve never been “attacked” by one, but they are really good at finding their way inside our house and then they like to just chill on the wall. You can’t squish them, because they will stink (not as bad as a skunk, though) and you can’t suck them up in the vacuum because their stink will ruin your vacuum (changing the bag will not fix things). So really my only option is to flush them, and so I do.

And just for fun, here is a picture of Hank and Scout hanging their heads out the window as we left the campground on Sunday to drive home


At certain points the wind would catch Scout’s lips and they would fly out and you could see all of her teeth, which was pretty funny. After about 2 minutes of looking out the window both dogs proceeded to do what they do best and slept the rest of the way home.

What was the last hard workout that you did?

Anyone else seeing the return of the stink bug? Have you ever had problems with them in the past?

13 thoughts on “That better at least improve my endurance”

  1. I’m pretty glad I know nothing of this stink bug you mention. I love it when dogs stick their heads out the window and their ears and cheeks get all floppy.

    1. Lucky you!I love seeing dogs with their heads out the window, too. It always makes me smile 🙂 When we pull up to a red light, Hank likes to hang his head out the window and just STARE at the people in the vehicle next to us. It cracks us up every time and usually the people next to us are laughing, too.

  2. Too funny with those heads hanging out of the window. Yet blow in their faces and they get all upset. Maybe it’s because we don’t have doggies breath?Stink bugs – I catch them with a piece of tape, fold it over and put them in the trash. It saves water that way and you never have to toucj them or chance squishing them on the wall.LUD.

  3. I LOVE when doggies stick their heads out the windows of cars. SO CUTE!Bugs when running right at dusk drive me crazy! I do not like.

  4. Way to go on your Yasso 800’s! Every week you’re getting stronger. I love the picture of Hank and Scout! I recently saw a dog with his head sticking out of the window of a car and he had a major lip vibration going on! 😉 It was really cute!We have stink bugs everywhere! With the construction going on the guys have the basement door open a lot and the stink bugs are making themselves quite at home!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I really put myself through the ringer on that one. Aw man, I hope y’all can get rid of the stink bugs once construction is over! Like I said, make sure you don’t use your vacuum to clean them up because it will ruin your vacuum. Not sure if the same goes for a shop vac, but I would assume so.

  5. Stinkbugs actually stink?! I had no idea! We have them in Alaska but I don’t know that I’ve ever killed one before.Your speed workouts (and all workouts, really) are progressing amazingly!

  6. I love watching you improve with those Yassos! Doesn’t really look like you were hanging on for dear life. You nailed them all!I’ve removed more than a dozen stink bugs from my house today 😦

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