Black Hollow Hill: 3; Me: 1

Today my schedule called for 7 miles with 3 at marathon pace. Seven miles on a weekday? Cool. Traditionally, I have categorized any run over 6 miles as a long run. I think that definition may change in the near future. But for now it stands. I have done very few runs over 6 miles during the week. Usually if I do it’s on a Friday and it’s to get a long run in early. So to run 7 miles today was pretty neat.

Barry ran with me, and we headed out to do an out and back on Black Hollow. There is a monster hill, which I call Black Hollow Hill, that is almost 0.75 miles long that we go down during the first mile and a half, which means during the end of the run we have to climb back up. I tried to get a picture at the top of the hill, but it’s so long and steep that you really can’t see the hill.  

My legs are mostly feeling better from Sunday’s race, but still a bit sore. My quads did not thank me for the long, steep descent. The middle 3 marathon pace miles went pretty well. They were on rolling hills and my splits were 10:23, 10:28, and 10:23. That’s pretty close to my 10:18 goal, and I’ll take it after racing on Sunday (not to mention I’m fighting a cold and it’s that time of the month where I’d rather curl up in a ball on the couch than run).

There have been a lot of new babies born on the farm, and the Black Angus calves are especially cute because they are tiny. So Barry and I decided to do a short out and back on the farm road before heading back up Black Hollow Hill to see them. Unfortunately they were all up on a hill and too far from the road to see the calves. Of course as we started climbing “the hill” Barry looked back and they were coming down towards the road. Oh well.

For the first time ever (in the four attempts I have made) I ran all the way up Black Hollow Hill without stopping to walk! It was a slow pace, but I kept moving. I tried to focus on having good form and not bending over. I also said the Lord’s Prayer at least three times. It was a good distraction and something to focus on.

I swear it’s worse than it looks, and this only shows about 1/3 of the hill
Ever since starting my blog, I have frequently carried my camera or phone to snap pictures. I have also done so in a few races. More recently, I have attempted ‘selifes’ while running. I came across an article today that said the Hong Kong Marathon, which takes place in February, is trying to ban mobile devices and people taking ‘selfies’ during the race. Their reason? ‘Selfies’ cause accidents because people abruptly stop to snap a picture of themselves during the race. Apparently runners “caused pandemonium” at this year’s race when they stopped to take pictures of themselves. My solution? Instruct runners to pull over to the side if they are going to stop and take a ‘selfie’. Or better yet… add a “selfie lane” to the marathon course!

Have you ever encountered a hill that took multiple attempts to conquer?

If you have taken a selfie while running, did you stop to take it or take it on the move?
I kind of thought the whole purpose of taking a selfie while running was to take it while running.
What is your definition of a long run?

10 thoughts on “Black Hollow Hill: 3; Me: 1”

  1. Congrats on a long mid-week run! I had 10 miles on my schedule yesterday. It’s just plain crazy to run 10 miles before starting my work day, but I got it done. Way to tackle that monster hill and keep running!! I usually don’t take selfies when I’m running but will often snap a pic post-run. I can understand why race organizers would want to deter runners from stopping in the middle of the course to snap a pic!

    1. Great job getting your 10 miles done! I would have to get up very early to get in 10 before my workday 🙂 I don’t fully understand why they are wanting to ban cell phones, either! It seems pretty drastic.

  2. Just to vent, I hate nothing more than when someone stops in the middle of the trail. Or worse, stands there talking with someone! Get off the trail. And while I’m at it, dogs on long leashes and out of control.LUD.

    1. Well don’t worry, I don’t stop in the middle of the trail. And if I did, I would make sure there wasn’t anyone coming first. Feel free to vent on my blog anytime 🙂

  3. That hill does not look fun!!! But that’s awesome that you finally tackled it! I bet it’ll get easier the more you do it. Haha love the selfie lane for a marathon!

  4. Yay for doing a mid-week long run! The Cruisers have a set of rules that we made up, and one of them is that anything over ten miles can be referred to as a long run. My three attempts at selfies have been on the run. I agree, a running selfie should be taken while running to be truly authentic. 🙂

    1. Yes, they should be on the run for authenticity! Otherwise it’s a “fake” running selfie 🙂 Although I think we had better luck today while walking than while running.

  5. Whoooo hoooo!! Way to make it to the top! I do anything and everything to get me through hills. I sing to myself, I just start counting, I play games in my mind.

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