Seriously!? and a new recipe

Yesterday evening I met up with Barry in Radford on his way home from work for a 5 mile run at Bisset Park. This park has a nice little paved trail that I like to run on every now and then to mix things up. It’s a little over 2.5 miles long from end to end and most of it follows along the banks of the New River. I had a bit of a tough run and was feeling really tired, but Barry helped keep me going and helped me finish strong with a 9:48 last mile. I’m not surprised that I was feeling tired, though, since I hit a new weekly high of 30 miles last week and in the past 4 days I’ve put in 25 miles. Makes sense, right?

I have to tell you about something I saw yesterday while I was at work. I was driving through a certain college campus (said college will remain unnamed, but it was not my alma mater) and saw a girl with jean shorts so short her butt cheeks were hanging out. I’m not kidding. She was walking down the sidewalk and had a backpack on and as I drove up from behind her all I could think was “Seriously!?”

On Sunday night I made Crock Pot Taco Chili. I got the recipe from Stephanie over at Now I Run and I was excited to try it out. Barry and I liked it a lot and it’s going in the recipe book. Did I ever tell you I have a recipe book in the form of one of those black and white composition books? I started hanging around my dad in the kitchen in high school and writing down recipes while I watched him cook. Now anything I try cooking that we like goes in “the book.”

I have two pieces of advice to leave you with. First, crock pot liners are a huge time saver when it comes to clean-up. I highly recommend them. You can usually find them in the Ziploc bag aisle at the grocery store. Second, if you have a Garmin Forerunner 405 and it freezes (as in the time and date are displayed, but it won’t respond when you press the buttons to wake it up) hold down the stop and reset buttons at the same time for 30 seconds to do a soft reset.

What’s the highest mileage you’ve ever done in a week (running, biking, or otherwise)?

Have you seen any of these ridiculously short jean shorts?
Apparently it’s a trend, particularly amongst the college aged folks.

Tried any new recipes lately? How were they?

16 thoughts on “Seriously!? and a new recipe”

  1. Ugh, short shorts drive me crazy. Kids these days…I think it is starting to be crock pot season again. Woot! It has been a while. That park looks just like a park I would often run around in NJ, especially by the river like that.

  2. The girl in the jean shorts must have been quite a sight! I recently tried a new crock pot recipe myself that I got from the Hungry Girl’s cookbook. It was all veggies and included some warm autumn spices that really made it feel like a perfect cold-weather meal (though it is kind of sad that it already feels like fall here). Great tip about the crock pot liners!

  3. The people of wal-mart – I wanted to tell a girl the other day that just because they made them in her size doesn’t mean she should wear them! But then she appeared to be a teenager and I don’t need my name registered with the State Police!Highest mileage week was in St. Louis riding the Katy Trail. I think I did around 150 miles of the 246 mile long trail. I want to go do the whole thing from start to finish someday ( It is by far the best trail I have ever seen.No new recipes in the crock pot. Threw in a cheap piece of beef, pack of onion soup mix and a bottle of beer yesterday. Low for 8 hours. That’s good eatin…

    1. People are crazy. Probably a good thing that you kept your thoughts to yourself, though 🙂 If you decide to go do the whole Katy Trail, I will come crew for you and then we can go eat BBQ at Pappy’s!

  4. Lately, my highest mileage week was 44.7. Two years ago I had a few 50-52 mile weeks.Yes, I’ve seen the shorts. I don’t understand.I made some of Chocolate Covered Katie’s vegan cookie dough dip (it is chick-pea based). It didn’t taste exactly like cookie dough, but I must have liked it, because it only lasted two days.

  5. Your timing is perfect! I’m doing a product review tomorrow, and I address the issue of booty shorts! Hmmm, I honestly don’t know my highest weekly mileage. It was probably when I was training for a Half Ironman and racking up big miles on the bike plus several decent runs a week. Add in the swimming mileage, and I had some epic weeks! I can’t imagine what full IM training must be like!

  6. Your recipe books much better than my loose recipes scattered all over! That recipe sounds good. I love chili!Short shorts are just ridiculous, and you know what’s bad? I have to be careful what I buy for my daughter because even little girl shorts are short! CRAZY!

    1. It’s great to have all of my favorite recipes in one place. That’s crazy that you even have to watch out for short shorts for a little girl! They shouldn’t make them that short at all, but especially for a kid.

  7. That trail along the New River sounds beautiful. I might have to add it to my list of places I want to run when I’m down that way.I used to run 50 miles/week during marathon training, but these days I’m more around 35-40. I have recipes on index cards that I wrote down when I was young and we tried a recipe that I liked. I still refer to it often!

    1. It’s a short trail, but it is a nice area. And it connects to the Radford sports complex area, so it would be really easy to loop around campus or through town. I think the park itself connects to other trails in the Radford area.

  8. Kids these days. Sometimes the things the interns wear at work make me do a double-take. the highest I ever got in my 50k training was just under 50…like 47 or 48, maybe? Lately I haven’t hit over 26, and 50 seems so far away!

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