National Back To Work Day

Happy National Back To Work Day! (If you live in the US) I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. I enjoyed the long weekend, and as usual it seemed to fly by.
I kicked things off with a tough, muggy long run on the Huckleberry Trail. I cannot wait for the humidity of summer to end and the fall weather to begin! Barry and I ran a few errands while we were in town, and then headed home.  


I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning the house. Then we watched Hokies play Alabama (they lost 35-10, boo), and caught the end of the Clemson/Georgia game. The Hokies may have lost, but they did have a beautiful 78 yard touchdown by Edmunds. And then there was this:

Clearly the Alabama fans were not expecting us to score at all. The look on that guy’s face made my day!

On Sunday I slept in and then had a low key morning. My in-laws stopped by to visit in the afternoon and we went out to late a lunch/early supper and then stopped by a nearby dairy farm to see their new free stall barn. They got a resin cast Holstein cow for looks/advertisement, and it was still in the cardboard wrapping.


Barry and I spent Sunday evening watching a bit of TV and then we played Gin Rummy (Barry won). I didn’t get my 3 mile recovery run in until 9 PM, and ran on my treadmill since it was dark. Then I didn’t get to sleep until midnight, which is why I don’t run that late in the evening.
On Labor Day, my bonus day, I slept in again. When I got up, I went for a 5 mile run on the roads around our house.


I spent the rest of the morning picking up around house and doing boring grown-up things like paying the bills. I also caught up on blogs and then got a massage in the afternoon! It was my second-ever massage and it was glorious. My sore back is feeling much better (no injury, just chronic back pain ever since I hurt it last August). That evening I played with the dogs, made more ham & cheese quiche for this week, and watched 3 quarters of Monday Night Football, college-style… also known as the Florida State/Pitt game. 


Today I celebrated National Back To Work Day by going back to work (duh). I overhead a very random conversation in a McDonald’s parking lot, where I had stopped to use the restroom. The conversation took place between a lady making her way to her car and a McDonald’s employee. Clearly they knew each other. Here’s how it went:
Lady making her way to her car: “No man. No child. I’m a free woman!”
McD’s employee: “Is that what you’s talkin’ about, you goin to party?”
Lady: “Yea! Imma do what I want!”
McD’s employee: “Well what’s your limitation?”
Lady: “Ain’t no limitations!”
That final proclamation was made as the lady walked backwards to her car and she thrust her hands into the air as she shouted it. At that point, I had made it across the parking lot and was headed inside, so if the conversation proceeded any further I didn’t hear it.
What did you do with your extra day off?
Do you have trouble getting to sleep when you exercise late in the evening?
As you probably noticed, I discovered an online collage maker! If you use collages on your blog, what app or online resource do you use?
Overheard any random conversations lately?

12 thoughts on “National Back To Work Day”

  1. I cannot sleep if I workout late at night. It’s crazy because I used to go to the gym after work almost every day, but I couldn’t do it now. This mama needs her zzzzz’s!Love that pic of the Bama fan! Hopefully the Hokies learned a lot from the loss and will rebound for the next game!

  2. I went up to the mountains to run in the middle of the day in the cool air. It felt great and the elevation did not kill me. That is great you were still able to get your 3 mile run in at 9 pm thanks to the new treadmill. Too bad it kept you up late, though. So excited for football season!

  3. I have the same problem when I run at night! Glad you had a fun weekend. Sometimes the relaxing low-key ones are best! The humidity is WAY lower here now. Hopefully you’ll have that soon.

  4. I was all geared up to ask about your collage maker. Ribbit changed formats and so now I’m using Picstitch on my phone. I’d love to do it via computer. What are you using?Falling asleep is no problem for me, thankfully. Whenever it has been it’ll take hours for me to fall asleep!Random conversations are so much fun!

    1. I’m using one called Fotor. It seemed to get the job done. I think you can do other effects and frames, but I didn’t play around with it much.

  5. A few miles on the treadmill or a nice walk in the evening followed by a hot shower is a good sleep aid for me. Bike ride seems to get me keyed up but I think that has more to do with risking my life in traffic.My favorite pastime is listening to others talk. I especially like the loud mouth on the cell phone and just imagining what the other person is saying. And if you stare at them they act like your invading their privacy, when really they are invading your space with a loud voice. I get some evil looks but whatever. Most likely won’t ever see them again!LUD.

    1. Sometimes I think the loud mouth on the phone is purposefully being a loud mouth so others will pay attention to them/their conversation. Either way, they annoy me.

  6. I love the cow still wrapped in cardboard! She’s cute even still wrapped up! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to see a picture of her unwrapped if you’re ever back there again.

    1. I’ll get you another picture when she’s unwrapped an on display! I didn’t mention it, but it’s actually at the huge (3,000 acre) dairy farm down the road from us that Barry works at. They just installed robotic milkers!

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