The boys of fall

Sorry for the radio silence over the past few days. I had to travel for work and had a 10 1/2 hour workday followed by a nearly 13 hour workday. I kept up with my running schedule, but not with my blog. Such is life.
Football season is finally here!! Technically it starts next weekend, but tonight we are going to the local high school benefit game. Next weekend they will kick off their regular season. I get so excited this time of year because I love football. Going to a high school football game on a Friday night where the whole community comes out to support the team is unlike anything else (it makes for a great date night, too). Those kids play with a lot of heart and this time of year everything revolves around the high school team.

Posing with the PCHS Cougar after a track workout. Before a football game all of the football players come down those steps and pass by the cougar before taking the field.

A couple of years ago Kenny Chesney came out with a great song, which I borrowed for the title of this post, called ‘The Boys of Fall’. There’s a music video for the song that’s nearly 8 minutes long. But it’s worth the watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Next weekend the Hokies start their season in a game against #1 ranked Alabama. It’s a heck of a way to open the season, especially after the rough year we had last year. But I’m still excited. I get goose bumps when I think about Virginia Tech football and jumping up and down to Metallica’s Enter, Sandman as the team runs onto the field.

The kickoff game is being played in Atlanta, so I will be at home watching on TV. Hokie fans and anyone who enjoys college football will enjoy this 2013 trailer for VT football (don’t worry this ones only two minutes long).

We are hoping to get to a bunch of Virginia Tech games this season. Especially since my cousin is a freshman on the team this year. He got moved from defensive tackle to left tackle (offense) earlier this month due to other players being injured. Look for #57!

On the professional level, I have never been to a game. But I enjoy watching any good game of football and I root for the Redskins. I especially love Monday Night Football. My dad and I bet on Monday night games and have done so for a long time. I think we still do ten cents per game, unless it got upped this year. I always get to pick which team I think is going to win (except when the Skins play, he automatically gets them). Sometimes I pick based on how many Hokies a team has and other times I just choose based on which quarterback has the cutest butt. Cute butts equal mad football skills, right? At the end of the season we often go double or nothing for the Super Bowl.

Thank goodness football season is finally here. Let the fun begin!

Do you enjoy watching football? What’s your favorite level to watch?
High school, college, NFL. I love it all. 

If you are a football fan, what team do you root for?
Pulaski County High School, Virginia Tech Hokies, Washington Redskins.

If you don’t like football, what sport(s) do you enjoy?

6 thoughts on “The boys of fall”

  1. Finally a blog I can make sense of. Why? no running questions.A good football game at any level can’t be beat. Rivalries are by far the best. Although if one of my favorites, Redskins, ODU Monarchs, VT Hokies, and the Yorktown Patriots; is not playing I will alway root for the dog, or anyone playing Dallas!I do enjoy a wide variety of other sports but none are as exciting from a spectator stanpoint as FootballHTTR!Go Big Blue!Hokie Hokie Hokie High!P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S PATRIOTS!And the bet is 25 cents a game.LUD.

  2. I love football! This is the best time of the year, I agree!My husband is a Giants fan (he grew up in New York before moving to New Hampshire) and so we pretty much root for them over here. My dad cringes because he thought he raised me right (Cowboys fan).Since I’m from Michigan it’s always fun to keep an eye on the UofM/MSU/Ohio State rivalries (though I don’t care who wins). MNF is the best!!!

    1. It’s second only to Christmastime. My dad raised me right (Redskins fan)… that’s all I’ll say about that 😉 I love any good rivalry game. Michigan vs. Ohio State is a good one.

  3. I am a HUGE Steelers fan! We won’t say anything about that pre-season game, OK? I love NFL. I am not at all into college football. The only team I used to sort of pay attention to was Penn State, but now I feel gross just saying that. Gotta get my Sunday runs in early in order to be back in time for the games once the real season starts!

    1. I don’t put much stock on preseason anyway. I remember you saying your college either didn’t have a team or didn’t put a lot of emphasis on sports. I’m pretty sure we agreed you would root for the Hokies to have someone to root for, yes? 🙂

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