Yes I am a pirate, 200 years too late

Hello from the beach! After getting set up at our campsite yesterday we walked out on to the beach to say hello to the ocean. Barry and I still haven’t quite mastered smiling for pictures (the water was cold).

I kicked off our first full day at the beach with a 4 mile sunrise run. I ran around the campground for the first mile and was treated to a cloudy sunrise.

Then I headed out to run on the path along the main road for the remainder of my run. This was my fourth day in a row running and I felt pretty good. It certainly helps that I’m at sea level, about 2500 feet lower than usual. However, it was 69 degrees with 90% humidity and I was definitely feeling it towards the end of my run.

The rest of our first full day was spent on the beach. I spent most of my time just relaxing and reading a good book and played in the ocean a bit with Barry. There was a strong current so I got in a bit of cross training swimming against the current to get back to where our umbrella was located. Quite the workout. After a full day on the beach, my dad fixed some delicious hot wings for dinner and we played corn hole.

Still got that sock tan….

Hank and Scout are enjoying the air conditioning. They like going for short walks and exploring (sniffing) a bit, but are happiest lounging in the camper.

At least they travel really well. The two of them slept the majority of the 6-ish hour drive here on Sunday.

Today was a cross training day so I recruited Barry and Dad for a morning bike ride. We rode down to a little beach town area where a bunch of condos, hotels, and little shops are located.

I am hoping to trick someone into playing Frisbee with me on the beach later today!

Have you been to the ocean before? Do you like swimming in the ocean?
I like to swim in it until I get freaked out about sharks, then I get out.
Have you ever played cornhole?

What non-traditional forms of cross training do you like to do when you’re away from your normal routine?
beach Frisbee!

13 thoughts on “Yes I am a pirate, 200 years too late”

    1. We do have A/C and heat! The campground has Wi-Fi, but it’s kind of hit or miss with the connection. However, we use a little hot spot internet thing at home, so we just bring that with us whenever we travel.

  1. Love the VT corn hole set-up! Go Hokies! Looks like you’re having a great time at the beach. I love to run on the beach, and I like swimming in the ocean too. We went to the big island of Hawaii two years ago, and my husband and I swam ‘laps’ next to the most beautiful beach. Thankfully my husband waited until we were done swimming to tell me that the beach was closed just three weeks earlier because some aggressive sharks were in the area! YIKES!

    1. Thanks! My Dad made the boards and I painted them. My mom sewed the bags and my best friend and I stuffed them with cattle corn and sewed the last side up. I would love to go to Hawaii someday! It would definitely be an active vacation because I would want to run/hike/swim/bike/kayak everywhere.

  2. Love your title song (Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson). I can get freaked out in the ocean if I let myself think about it, but usually I enjoy it. We tend to do a lot of swimming and hiking on vacation. The swimming is usually more in lakes and rivers for us, though. Looks like you’re having a nice vacation!

  3. I’m not an ocean swimmer because I’m barely a pool swimmer… I’m jealous that you’ve already gotten your run in today. Bill and I waited until low tide and it’s raining now. We’ll go a little later, but I’m not a late day runner like you!I love your corn hole set. You make those, right? Daniel’s set is almost finished he just had to paint the WV logo on them. They will be almost the only blue and gold items we allow at our house! :-)BTW, if I were there I’d play Frisbee with you! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    1. Hope your run went well! Yes, we did make those cornhole boards and sewed the bags ๐Ÿ™‚ My dad did the construction work and I did the paint job.

  4. What beautiful pictures! I’m jealous!I’m a huge fan of the beach, but I don’t really like swimming in the water-too cold! On the rare occasion I’m able to suck it up, I love it, though. I haven’t played cornhole, but I’ve played a lot of similar “throw things accurately” games. They’re fun!I’m not really into non-traditional crosstraining because I’m OCD, but hiking’s pretty much the only activity I enjoy other than running! I used to row in college so if I had access to a crew shell (as IF), I’d be all over that.Have fun!

    1. When I fist get in the water it’s cold (but not like Pacific Ocean cold) and I hate that, but then I adjust and it feels nice until I get freaked out about sharks and then I get out. How about that for a run-on sentence?

    2. Oh and I loved your comment about playing other “throw things accurately” games. From now on I will always refer to cornhole and it’s class of games as “throw things accurately” games… horseshoes, cornhole, “redneck horseshoes” (that game where you throw the balls on the string at the ladder thing).

  5. Corn hole is a blast anywhere! The dogs look so content, ha. I love that you are convincing them to do cross training with you, I love incorporating Zach or my parents on workouts that they might actually enjoy (My dad and Zach aren’t big runners).

    1. I love playing cornhole while tailgating for a football game! I always want to play on the beach, but most of the games I like to play are not solo games, so they have to join in! I will probably be recruiting my little sister for some beach soccer later this week.

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