Five tips on running while on vacation

We are headed to Myrtle Beach today with our fifth wheel camper and the dogs in tow for vacation! This beach trip is an annual trip that my family has taken since I was a baby (and before I was born). Barry and I continue the tradition, and will have an adjacent campsite to my dad and sister. Of course, I will still be following my marathon training plan while we are at the beach.

Here are some tips on how to stick to your running schedule/workout routine while on vacation:

1. Pick a specific time to workout.
I have found that if you don’t have a set time to go for your run while on vacation it’s not going to happen. If you approach the day with the mindset of “I’ll get it in when I can”, you won’t find the time.

Personally, I have found that I need to run in the morning while on vacation, to make sure other activities don’t get in the way. By running in the morning, I know I’ll get my run in. Plus, I’ll beat the heat of the day. Although at the beach, I could run at midnight and it would still be hot…

2. Research before you go.
Do some research and find out where you can run or workout while you’re on vacation. When I travel for work, I often Google “where to run in [insert town]” and that usually works out pretty well. It’s how I found the Platte River Trail, less than 1/2 a mile from my hotel, when I was in Denver last summer.

If you’re staying in a hotel, you can always ask the front desk where there are good places to run. Or you can make plans to use the hotel’s facilities, if they have a gym and/or treadmill. If there is a local running shop nearby, that could also be a great source of information on where to run. Or you could link up with them on a weekly run, if the time and day suit your schedule.

3. Forget your training plan.
Okay, maybe not if you have a big race coming up. But otherwise, just go out and run. Don’t hold yourself to any certain mileage or time goal. Why not have a vacation from structured running and just run to enjoy it?

4. Take advantage of cross training
When you’re on vacation you often get the opportunity to do activities you don’t normally do- such as hiking, kayaking, biking, playing Frisbee on the beach. Feel free to mix things up and let one of those new activities be your workout for the day.

You know, like pedaling a four-person bike by yourself…

5. Relax
Don’t spend your vacation stressing about getting your run or workout in. If you end up not having the desire to run, take a rest day or do some cross training. But just think of how good it feels to have your run done and be relaxing on the beach under the sun with a cold drink in your hand (see tip #1).

What other tips can you add about running/working out while on vacation?

12 thoughts on “Five tips on running while on vacation”

  1. Way to get some runs still in and I love all of your advice! Can’t wait to hear about the vacation!! I love that you guys have been keeping that tradition for so long! I’ve found I fit my workouts in better if I have someone doing them with me while I’m on vacation, so I’ll make plans with my mom or sister to go running, or with my dad to surf or something. It always makes it more enjoyable, plus you’re on vacation to spend time with whomever your with, so it’s a win-win.

    1. It definitely helps to have someone to keep you accountable. I went on a bike ride with Barry and Dad this morning and it was a lot more fun than it would have been by myself.

  2. I think you’ve just about covered it. I tend to have a “Nike” mentality when I go on trips (although admittedly I’ve hardly done any real traveling while training for things so I haven’t put it to much use): just do it. I’m also pretty OCD about doing my runs, though, so cross-training, changing my run, etc., would freak me out. Of course, that’s not normal. Your tips are much saner!Enjoy the beach!

    1. I have that same mentality a lot of times- just do it and be done. (maybe they should add “and be done” to the back of Nike shirts that say “just do it” on the front??)

  3. Great suggestions…This week I let a hike take the place of a run (while on vacation). I’m also not worrying about pace and I’m just having fun… today I ran with Glenn two other family members. It was great ~ and the speed varied from an 11:23 min mile to a 9:08 mile. It was a fantastic workout.Tomorrow I’m going to have a GREAT long run… I can’t wait to post about it!:)

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