A surprise race!

This morning I went for my 4 mile run on the roads around our house. I got to watch the sunrise, which was breathtaking. Naturally I did not bring my camera, so I can’t show you. But imagine mountain tops with a bit of mist and then sun slowly coming up through the mist and making the clouds turn hot pink and brilliant white against the blue sky. It was also gloriously cool outside this morning, only 63 degrees with 97% humidity. I think I am getting used to running in the morning without eating or drinking anything beforehand, although I do bring water to sip on while I run. Maybe that’s something your body adjusts to?

I ran in my new Oiselle shorts today and I continue to be happy with them. Four miles is a bit better to judge them on than 1.5 miles is. I also thought of another tip for running on the road! Be aware of where the sun is while you are running. I realized that it’s important to be aware if the drivers coming towards you (if you are running on the left side of the road) have the sun in their eyes, making it unlikely that they see you.

Last night I gave Barry an early birthday card (his birthday is September 16) to tell him I signed him up for the Hokie Half!

I debated on how far in advance I needed to tell him and had settled on 3 weeks. But then the other night he started telling me how the folks at the running store nearly had him convinced to sign up for it. So I figured I better let him know I had already signed him up before that happened!

Okay, I need all of your insightful input on this random question! There was a story on the news about Drew Brees only tipping $3 on a $74 takeout order from a restaurant. I guess the waiter/waitress took a picture of the receipt and called him cheap. His response was that he tipped that way because it was takeout, but if he had sat down in the restaurant for a meal it would have been 20% or more. That being said, do you tip when you order takeout from a restaurant?

I usually don’t. My thinking is yes, someone had to package it for you, but do you tip the employee at Subway who wraps your sandwich up or the employee at Panera who packages your to-go soup or salad order? I’m just curious on what other people do when picking up takeout from a restaurant and I’m mildly concerned I haven’t been tipping when I’m supposed to. It’s not something I’ve given any thought to before.

Do you tip on a takeout order from a restaurant? If so, how is that different from Panera or Subway?

If you run in the morning (aside from long runs) have you found that your body adjusts?

If you signed someone (who runs regularly) up for a race as a surprise, how far in advance would you tell them? Would you like it if someone signed you up for a race as a surprise? I would love it! When I told my dad I had signed Barry up as a surprise he said “Oh nice [long pause]…. don’t ever do that for me.”

12 thoughts on “A surprise race!”

  1. What an awesome present and fantastic that it’s the day before his b-day! I have always wanted to do some sort of birthday race. I actually don’t usually tip for takeout orders. I always do 20%+ on normal dining in, but the way I look at takeout is that I didn’t take up a seat in their restaurant, so I gave the waiter/ress another opportunity to get another tip? If that makes sense at all? Plus, I feel like if you gave a takeout tip, you would really be wanting to tip the cook, not the waitress who didn’t really do anything for you. That being said, I’ve never been waitress, so I might have a totally different option than if I had.

    1. I have the same opinion as you, and it looks like it’s the consensus. Your logic about the takeout tip is spot on! If you didn’t take up a seat the waiter had a chance to have someone else fill that seat.

  2. You are a brave lady signing your hubby up for a race! Hmmm, I never really thought about it, but I don’t tip when I order carryout. I love running in the morning, and I usually don’t eat much before I go..just a granola bar, maybe a banana. I did my long run this morning, but not early enough. I was melting by the time I was done!

    1. I bet you are facing the same air-so-thick-you-could-cut-it-with-a-knife humidity as we are! Not to mention it’s been above 70 by 8 AM most days.

  3. I will occasionally throw the loose change in a tip jar but there better be a nice smile and politeness on the other side of the counter. If I get delivery, I will tip the driver.This is from the AAA guidlines on tipping. According to them, Drew was generous.If you are buying the meal and someone offers to get the tip, tell them they can buy next time, and you pay the whole thing. This prevents any uneasiness about them seeing the amount of the bill or worrying that they will be stingy on the tip. – Food server – 15-20%- Cocktail server – 15-20%- Bartender – 15-20%. If at the bar before a meal, settle up with the bartender before you go to your table.- Wine steward – 10% of wine bill- Busboys – Nothing, unless he did something extra special like cleaning up a huge mess. Then give him $1-2.- Maitre d’ – Nothing, unless he gets you a special table or the restaurant is full and you had no reservation. Then give $5-10 or more.- Coat check – $1- Restroom attendant – $1- Separate checks – If you want separate checks, ask the server to go ahead and add 18% gratuity to each check.- Musician in lounge – $1-5- Musician that visits table – $2-3 if you make a special request. Optional if he just stops by and plays.- Takeout – If you get good service, in other words, the waiter gets and packages the food, then tip $1-2.- Drive through – Nothing.- Self-service restaurant or buffet – Nothing unless there is some service. Tip 10% if the server delivers all or part of your meal or keeps your drinks refilled.- When breakfast is included in the price of the hotel room – Estimate the value of the meal by looking at a menu. If there is no breakfast menu, consider the quality of the hotel and the price of an evening meal, then make your best estimate. Your tip should be 15-20% of your estimate.Hope Barry enjoys the half.LUD.

    1. Looks like Drew was being a generous tipper, according to AAA! Thanks for the tip guidelines 🙂 I never knew something like that existed… I’ve never considered tipping a restroom attendant before. But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that had a restroom attendant!

  4. The hokie half sounds like it’s going to be great! Hmm I can’t remember the last time I got takeout but I feel like I wouldn’t..I agree about the subway and panera people!

  5. Note to self: Wish Barry a happy birthday a day early at the Hokie Half! I don’t add a tip on the receipt for carryout, but if there’s a tip jar there, I usually put a buck or two in it…You know, I shred my receipts even with only the last four digits of my credit card showing. If I were Drew, I’d be extremely annoyed that the server took a picture of the receipt and made it public… I wonder if that’s against the law or anything?

    1. If you remember your note to self, I will be impressed 🙂 I write everything down!I was thinking the same thing about Drew Brees… it being an invasion of privacy to put a picture of his receipt. I think the manager of the restaurant did issue an apology for invading his privacy. He could probably press charges, but I bet he just wants it to go away.

  6. Happy (in a month +) birthday, Barry! Andrew’s birthday is on the 15th!It would not even occur to me to tip for take-out. I’d probably assume that the lines for tip were there b/c that was the set-up for the restaurant. Drew Brees is nothing but a Saint (do you like that?). Why drag someone through this publicity for a silly tip thing?

    1. Ha I loved your pun/play on words! It has never occurred to me to tip on carryout, either! I thought I might have been missing something.

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