Running shorts!

I currently have three pairs of shorts that I run in. They are all Umbro soccer shorts. I like them a lot, which is why I have three pairs, but they are getting worn out. I would like to replace them with actual running shorts that have a pocket where I can stash some stuff. So last night I made a trip up to the local running store in pursuit of new running shorts. Said hello to the Lego Hokie Bird on my way into the mall.

After trying on several pairs of running shorts, I chose a pair of Brooks Epiphany Stretch Short II

…and a pair of Oiselle Distance Shorts. I did try on the “famed” Oiselle Rogas, but they were too short for my taste.

The distance shorts, except mine are navy

This morning I did a 3 mile run on my yet-to-be-named treadmill. I am debating over a few names, stay tuned. I couldn’t decide which of my new shorts to try out, so I decided to run the first half in my Brooks shorts and the second half in my Oiselle shorts. It made sense at 6 AM this morning. Never mind that I will be running three more times this week (and therefore have plenty of opportunities to try out my new shorts).

I started out in my Brooks shorts. They felt great. They fit me well and felt feather light, like they weren’t even there. The right inner side did ride up a smidge, but after the first half mile they stayed in place. They only have one inner key pocket, but it’s more than what my current Umbro shorts have. I do like that they come in so many different colors. If they end up being favorites I have a variety of color options. I prefer black/dark shorts, and they have nine black or navy blue shorts with different colored stripes.

Once I hit the halfway point I paused my treadmill, hopped off and swapped shorts right there next to the treadmill, climbed back on, and resumed my run. Can’t do that on the side of the road. Well, I guess you can if you want to risk a potential indecent exposure charge. Anyway, the Oiselle shorts felt weird when I first started running. The waistband is a lot lower than anything I’ve ever worn before, and the cut of the shorts gives them a different feel overall. But I got used to the feel and didn’t have any issues with them riding up. These shorts don’t have as many color options, but they do have two zipper pockets and one internal key pocket. Sweet!

Overall, both shorts passed my initial test. It definitely takes more than 1.5 miles to figure out whether or not there will be chaffing issues, though. So it will take a few more runs to figure out if this will be a long-term relationship or not.

And of course I have to share a few random things with you. First, another baby bird update. They continue to look more and more like birds, although slightly like alligators with beaks (to me, at least). Anyone know what kind of birds these are? They’re not Robins, as the momma bird makes a completely different noise than the other two nests which are Robin nests.

Second, I got hooked reading a bunch of Text From Dog messages last night. These things crack me up. Hope they give you a laugh!

Have you ever seen ‘Text From Dog’ before?
Do you use sport-specific shorts (i.e. running shorts for running, bike shorts for biking, etc.)?
I’ve pretty much always run in soccer shorts in the past.
What kind of birds are those in that nest??

17 thoughts on “Running shorts!”

  1. Text from dog is hilarious. I can just imagine getting them from my two schemers.Use whatever shorts are on sale at Costco. Compression shorts make them comfortable and stop the chaffing.And those look like baby birds in the nest. Was that a trick question?LUD.

    1. I wonder what Sadie and Simon would send you πŸ™‚ Simon would probably say “can you come home, I need a banana” and Sadie would say “I fell down again”They are indeed baby birds, gold star for you!

  2. I love Texts From My Dog! I read them all the time -he’s really slowed down with new ones lately, though. I have two pairs of those Brooks shorts and really like them. I have another 3 pairs of other Brooks shorts and then like 6 pairs of Reebok shorts (yes, I hav too many pairs of shorts…).

  3. Those texts are hilarious!! I am like you and have three pair of the sames shorts. Actually four–I just bought a pair over the weekend. They are Nike something or other…just regular running shorts. Once I find something I love I stick with it! They don’t have pockets, though. That would be nice.

  4. Those doggy texts are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing. And LOVE the Hokie Bird made from legos. My girls always love to see the Hokie Birds around B’burg when we visit.I love my Nike Tempo and Pacer shorts. They only have one key pocket, but I just like the fit. They come in a TON of colors, and you can usually find great deals on them.

  5. I hadn’t seen the Texts From Dog before, and I loved them! Thanks for sharing! I have no idea what kind of birds those are… Perhaps baby Hokie Birds that haven’t changed colors yet? Years ago I found a Moving Comfort short that I loved and bought the style in four different colors. I’m still wearing them!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Text from dog! Haha I wish they were baby Hokie Birds πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure they’re Sparrows, based on the shape of their beak. I googled pictures of baby sparrows and they looked identical to the ones in the nest.

  6. Haha I love that you tried on both pairs of shorts on your first run! My favorite shorts right now are the Nike Fits! Can’t wait to hear what the treadmill will be called πŸ™‚

    1. I couldn’t decide which pair to try out first, so I figured if I’m running on a treadmill in my house what’s the big deal to switch halfway through.

  7. New shorts are the best!!! Although I can’t say I’ve ever stopped mid-run to change ;).I remember findings Texts From Dog a while back and really enjoying it, but then forgetting about it. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. Hahaha…this was my very first introduction to Texts From Dog. I was reading this post in bed last night, and laughed so loudly at these two ‘exchanges’ that I woke KMN up. And I rather adore that you stopped mid-run to change/compare the two pairs of shorts.Also? You only had THREE pairs of shorts that you wear to run??? I’d be rather embarrassed to show you my workout clothes drawer at the moment….

    1. Oh no! Well at least since KMN got woken up, you could share Text From Dog with him, too πŸ™‚ I have a gazillion running tops, but until earlier this week yes only 3 running shorts.

  9. Thank you for two good belly-laughs with the Text from Dog. Where do you find that? I’ll google it!I’m glad you were happy with your running short purchases. πŸ™‚ They are so darned expensive you want them to be perfect, right?I love that you changed right there next to the treadmill!

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