Chick Days – 16 weeks old

The chickens are another week older and another week closer to laying their first eggs! Agnes tried out the nesting box. And by that I mean I put her in there and took a picture. She promptly jumped out and went about her business right after I snapped this photo.

Agnes is our biggest chicken and this box is the perfect size for her. They like it to be snug so that they feel like their eggs will be safe. This week I discovered a new favorite food of theirs: spinach!

“What do you have for us today???”

I didn’t know how well this would go over, because they haven’t liked the other vegetables I’ve tried. They seem to have more of a taste for fruit. However, they appear to be big fans of leafy vegetables.

We also got around to installing a “window” in the front of the chicken coop this week. This will allow for more ventilation, as well as let the chickens know when it’s time to get up since they will be able to see the sun rise.

They were very interested in their new window. It is right next to their roosting poles, and they like getting up on the poles and looking outside.

I also got a video of Agnes (the larger, white one) and Cecilia (with the crooked beak) on the roosting poles.

Barry took a picture of me holding Agnes to show how much they have grown. For comparison sake, here is one of our chicks at 2 weeks old:

And here is Agnes earlier this week. Huge change in just 14 short weeks.

We decided a “straight on” picture didn’t do her size justice so we also took one from the side. Agnes loves to be held, so she didn’t mind one bit.

Funny story- she pooped on me right after he took this picture. It got on my shirt and shorts and dripped down my leg. Lovely. Not my first time getting pooped on by a bird, though. When I was a kid I was at Chincoteague Island with my grandparents and a seagull pooped on my head. My grandma stuck my head in the sink!

On a side note, this is a blog about running and I just used the word ‘pooped’ three times in the above paragraph but wasn’t actually talking about running. How ironic.

In other chicken news, unrelated to my chickens, my in-laws sent me this clipping they saw in a magazine:

Diapers for chickens so that they can be kept inside? Nope. I draw the line at dogs.

Have you ever been pooped on by a bird or other animal?

What do you think about the chicken diapers?

11 thoughts on “Chick Days – 16 weeks old”

  1. YES, I’ve been pooped on by a bird. In New York, where pigeons are rampant. One of the many reasons I hated living there. I think chicken diapers sound insane.I don’t know anything about chickens, but growing up we had way too many birds (five at one point which, thinking back, is crazy) and they always loved lettuce!

  2. It’s almost midnight and I should be asleep, but I’m watching a video of Agnes and Cecilia prancing on their roosting poles! πŸ™‚ I think those chicken diapers are about the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! I haven’t been pooped on by a bird, but my date was once when I lived in Newman and he stopped by to pick me up to go to a concert. He was leaning in my first floor window talking to my roommate and a bird pooped on his shirt. He had to run back to his dorm to change before we left!

    1. Haha I’m glad watching a video of Agnes and Cecilia trumps sleeping πŸ™‚ That is too funny about your date! I bet he was embarrassed.

  3. It’s like you were reading my mind while writing your post. First, a pic of you holding Agnes. My head was thinking, “The chickens still let her HOLD them?!? Holy cow!”Then you write, “Agnes really likes to be held!”Meagan, you’re reading my mind. And I find it rather hilarious that a full grown chicken likes to be held…I got pooped on while walking into the building where my sister’s PhD defense was being held. Ironically, for her thesis work, she studied the mitochondria in bird muscles. As you might imagine, it’s hard to do with with live birds. It’s like the birds outside were protesting her work or something…

    1. Great minds think alike πŸ™‚ So sorry to hear you had the bear the brunt of the bird protestors when it wasn’t even your thesis! Haha. That is extremely ironic, though!

  4. Hahahahah chicken diapers? Some people are crazy. Although, I did have a friend with a pet goat and they kept it in a diaper. I love that Agnes likes to be held. What a cuddler. Sometimes when my sister’s cat is really mad at you, she poops on you. She’s a really mean cat, though. I don’t hold her often anymore…

    1. A pet goat with a diaper!? People ARE crazy, haha.Your sister’s cat does sound like a mean cat. I can see why you don’t hold her often! I like cats that act like dogs.

  5. You make me laugh. Out loud. By myself. Ahhh… FYI ~ I run with Ellie and she’s getting chicks in a week or two. She’s been following your blog for hints/etc. You got pooped on. I cannot tell you how hard that made me laugh(sorry).Agnes sounds like a real cuddly chicken… if you can call chickens cuddly!!!

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