To eat or not to eat?

This morning I went for an easy 3 mile run on the roads around our house. It was overcast and it felt pretty cool outside, but once I was running I realized how humid it was. Even though it was a short run, I felt very fatigued at the end. I didn’t eat anything beforehand and I feel like that definitely affected my run. I felt low on energy and the hills felt tougher than they usually do.

In addition to not eating before my run, I only had a few sips of water. It probably would have been best to have a bit more. I was only out there for about 30 minutes, but it was humid and I was sweating like crazy.

A little of this would have been a good idea

I don’t think it’s necessary to eat before an easy 3 mile run. My body shouldn’t need the extra carbohydrates to fuel the run. I think it’s really only necessary to eat before a run that has a higher glycogen demand, such as a long run or a race/hard effort run. That being said, I feel better on any type of run if I eat first.

Speaking of fatigue, my legs still feel tired from my track workout, particularly my hamstrings. After last Saturday’s 5K I was a bit sore, but I got up the next morning and met up with my running buddy for a 6 mile run. After that my legs felt pretty good and I wasn’t sore at all on Monday. Then I had my track workout on Tuesday, but wasn’t able to run Wednesday due to working late and going out to dinner for our anniversary. I think not being able to do an easy, recovery run the day after a hard workout definitely affected how long it took me to recover from the hard workout.

Did anyone see where one of the team buses got stuck under the finish bridge at the Tour de France?

The driver covering his/her face cracks me up
Also, did anyone else watch the U.S. National Swimming Championships today? Exciting stuff! And after that I found that the Christmas episode of Roseanne was on TV, which makes me happy. Less than 6 months to go! Better get started on your shopping.

I have exciting plans for my long run tomorrow! It’s nothing earth shattering, but I am looking forward to meeting up with my running buddy, Kim! 🙂

How do you recover from a tough workout or race?

Morning exercisers: do you eat before you work out? Do you see a noticeable difference when you do eat versus when you don’t?

10 thoughts on “To eat or not to eat?”

  1. Christmas in July! David was just doing online Christmas shopping for his mother this morning. I thought he was nuts! I lay on the couch and pretend that I ran 10 miles (even if it was just 3!) after a bad run and do all my recovery things and hope that it gets better for the next run.

    1. Good for him! I usually start mine by September or October. Really it’s just as I see something that would be a good gift for sometime I go ahead and purchase it. Hah! Your recovery sounds like my kind of recovery 🙂

  2. I do like to eat before I workout. Even if I just have a slice of toast I feel like I’ve done something to give me an edge. Also, I’ve started to bring water with me on almost all of my runs. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but it’s summer… it’s dry… and I’m thirsty!

  3. I can do 3-milers w/out eating but I will sometimes “bonk” on them if I’m too hungry. Since I often run right before dinner, sometimes I’ll eat some peanut butter on a spoon w/ some chocolate chips, or more recently, those peanut butter/oatmeal bites I posted about.I had not seen that team bus pic but that’s hilarious what the driver’s doing! I’d be hiding so no one took my pic I think. LOL Hope no one was hurt! I have to admit all of the doping scandal makes me not even want to watch cycling anymore. Chris says it’s common in all sports but I don’t know!

    1. I also usually have a small snack before my typical evening weekday runs. That poor driver looks so embarrassed! As far as I know no one was hurt. They got the bus out before the cyclists got to the finish line.

  4. I can roll out of bed, drink a big glass of water, and go on a run without any problems; but if I’m up for very long before I run, I need to eat. This morning I got up, trained a client, forgot to eat, and went on a run. I had been up too long and felt it on my run…

    1. The next time I do a shorter morning run, I will try the big glass of water! I think just a few sips of water was not enough.

  5. I usually don’t eat before a run unless it’s going to be 8+ miles…then I get ravenously hungry during my runs, so I have to have something beforehand, ha. I would probably assume that heat/humidity was the cause for your fatigue. In the summer (particularly since I’ve moved to the east coast), I take water with me on almost every run, no matter how long. It’s just toooooo hot and I sweat like crazy. I think it really helps.

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