Oh happy day

Look what I found in the back of the cabinet last night:

An unopened bag of pistachios! Oh happy day. I opened them and ate a few before even taking a picture. I hate all nuts except pistachios. I really have tried to like other types of nuts, though. I’ve tried peanuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, walnuts…. I just don’t like them. But I LOVE pistachios.

Don’t you love it when you find a favorite snack hiding in the back of the cabinet? Of course I had already brushed my teeth when I discovered them last night. That meant I had to brush them again after eating some pistachios, but it was totally worth it.

Did you know pistachios are full of protein? They also can help lower your cholesterol and are full of seven essential nutrients. They also make a great low calorie snack and will help you feel full because they are high in fiber. Now you know why the brand name is “Wonderful.” They’re so heart healthy, they even got to do a photo shoot with the Cheerio’s bowl.

Tomorrow night I’m running a night race! It’s called the Downtown Sundown 5K, and it’s part of a local Summer Solstice Fest. The race starts at 8:30 PM and all runners are required to wear bright clothing. They also hand out glow sticks for everyone to run with. I ran this race back in 2008 (I think) and had a blast. Yes, I’m scared of the dark, but not as much when I’m with a group of people. More motivation to not get left alone on the trail!

This weekend the U.S.A. Outdoor Track & Field Championships are taking place in Des Moines! You can find the broadcast schedule HERE. Personally I will be watching tonight’s coverage on ESPN2 from 8-10 PM and Sunday’s (LIVE!) coverage from 4-6 PM on NBC. Mainly because those are the only two channels on the broadcast schedule that we get.  

Who else loves pistachios?

Has anyone else ever run a night race? What do you think of them compared to the usual morning race?

Anyone else watching the Track & Field Championships this weekend??

12 thoughts on “Oh happy day”

  1. Any kind of nuts. Some more than others but pistachios are close to the top of the list.Don’t run, no track and field.Enjoy!LUD.

  2. I love pistachios but I find them really labor-intensive to eat. I do like any nuts though.I hope to catch some of the championships!I have run night races but nothing past 7 p.m. I love not having to get up w/ the sun!

  3. I am with Jan….love them but would rather go with a crunchy, salty snack (whoops-usually chips) that are easier to eat. If I think about putting the work into the food Ieat, then I like them. Your 5k sounds amazing. Have fun!

    1. I like having to put the work in. My parents gave me a bag of pistachios that had been de-shelled (I think that’s the right term?) and I was popping them in my mouth one after the other. I got a stomach ache pretty quick from eating too many!

  4. I love pistachios, but I also love cashews. I ran the Rockville (MD) Twilight race several years ago. It was fun, but I haven’t run an evening race since then. Good luck at your race! I hope you get some good glow stick photos to share!

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