If you want to get fast, run faster

My Garmin took forever to find satellites today. I don’t know what the deal was, but the bar would inch forward a bit and then go back to nothing. Finally I just went outside and started running and within 0.1 miles it got signal. I did not feel like using the “hold arm up in air over head” method today.

Maybe it would have helped if I had actually gone outside for it to locate satellites, though.

I decided to run 4 miles today, as a mini tempo run, meaning miles 2 and 3 were faster. I have decided that if I want to get fast I need to start running faster. Yes, I have started doing speed work on the track. In addition to that I think I need to include faster running in more of my weekday runs. Added challenge to today’s run was that I ran on the roads around our house, which are very hilly.

Towards the end of mile 1 a car drove by on the right side of the road. As it passed the driver made a sudden, loud, high pitched noise that made me jump and bite my cheek. I tasted blood for the next mile or so. No fun. Miles 2 and 3 felt tough, but I hung in there. Mile 2 clocked in at 9:09 and mile 3 was run in 9:15. The end of mile 3 was tough because it ended with a hill that was 2 tenths of a mile long. I just kept thinking get up this hill and you can be on your cool down mile, and I did get to the top.

Speaking of hills, here is the elevation profile according to my watch for this past weekend’s Varmint 1/2 Marathon.

Tomorrow I am traveling for work, but it is just an overnight trip. I don’t like being away from Barry and the dogs, but it does mean I get to run in a new town. I always enjoy that. It’s one of the best ways to explore a new place.

If you use a GPS watch, do you ever use the “arm in the air over your head” means of gaining satellite reception?

What method do you use to “get fast”?

Are there a lot of hills where you live?

Do you travel for work? If so, what is your favorite way to explore a new city?

14 thoughts on “If you want to get fast, run faster”

  1. My “get faster” method = run more miles. Well placed speedwork helps, but simply logging more miles (to a limit, and as my body can take) can also work wonders. This works well for me, since I love to run! :)Singapore is pancake flat, but I grew up with the Appalachian trail in my backyard. My parents live on an East-Coast-mountain. If you leave the house for a workout, the only way home is UP. Strangely, I miss this! :)In theory, I enjoy exploring a new place by running. In truth, that’s an easy way for me to get frustrated (because I get lost, confused, whatever). But if I can chill, I do enjoy the sightseeing/workout combo. 🙂

    1. Running at your parents house sounds like it was definitely a tough second-half run! I also sometimes get frustrated when I’m running in a new place if I get lost.

  2. Yes, plenty of hills here. I have to seek out flat (and shaded since temps were around 100 today!) places to do my speedwork or just run the hills fast and spend the rest of the day sleeping it off! I love exploring a new city through its running trails!

  3. Hills but low elevation. I don’t try to avoid them but I sure to try and plan it so it is all downhill headed home.Enjoy the different surrondings but try not to get lost when you are out of town.LUD.

  4. I often set my Garmin in the window to grab a satellite while I am getting my shoes on, etc. I have found it’s more accurate if I give it a few minutes before starting, even though it says it’s found a satellite before that.Definitely some killer hills in that half! Yikes!

  5. Now that it is nice outside I have no issue doing final stretches outside while the Garmin syncs up – and yes I have done the arm over head thing! (which is not as fun when it is -10F outside!)Very hilly in west-central NY, and I love my local hill routes.Getting faster for me has been about pushing myself – more miles for sure, but also mixing in plenty of hills, and varying the pace.This year I have had too much travel to a single location (near Lexington Kentucky), which has meant running with a hotel base. I found a hotel that has a great ~8 mile loop for me to run every day, so that is my go-to place. As for exploring, I always like to walk a new place rather than drive, and running in the mornings is a huge bonus.

    1. It’s a good thing you love hills since you live in a hilly area! Your 8 mile loop sounds nice. It’s always nice when you travel somewhere you’ve been before to know where you’ll run.

  6. I’ve even gone upstairs and put my Garmin by the window if it’s being really testy about finding a signal (that makes me frustrated).Lots of hills where I live.I need to make a commitment to myself that I won’t miss the TRF track workouts for the rest of the summer. End of discussion.

    1. I’ve used the window sill method before, too! I’ll hold you to that commitment 🙂 You have no idea how much I wish we had a group like that around here that I could do track workouts with. I’m finding it really tough to go it alone.

  7. I think track workouts, and picking up the pace a little at the end of my runs when I was tired so I always finished strong, were both key in increasing my speed. There aren’t nearly as many hills where I live now as where I grew up!

    1. I like to finish strong, too. I have been working on doing those track workouts, but I’m finding it tougher each time I go back to do them alone.

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