Fro yo for dinner

This evening I drove down to Wytheville to run with a group called the Sole Sisters. About 8 or 9 people came out and we ran a little over 3 miles around town. Wendy invited me down to run with them. I first met her, along with Anita and Glenda, at the Color Run 5K at the beginning of April.

A few weeks after that I ran most of the Blue Ridge Half Marathon with Glenda and Anita. It was great to see everyone again and to meet new people as well. It was also my first time running in Wytheville and I enjoyed looking at all of the houses around town. I drive through there all the time, but you really don’t see things the way you do when you run in an area.

After our run we headed over to a fro-yo place called Sweet Chill. I failed to take a picture of my fro-yo, but here is a picture of the bench outside of the shop, haha.

I have to tell you something important! I discovered the best yogurt/topping combination tonight. If you ever have the opportunity, you have to try blueberry frozen yogurt with cinnamon teddy grahams. I promise you will not be disappointed! The fro-yo ended up essentially being my dinner, since it was after 8PM when we got there and I didn’t eat after work/before running. Works for me!

Have you ever run with a large group?

Have you ever eaten dessert as your dinner?

If you eat fro-yo, what is your favorite yogurt/topping combination?

10 thoughts on “Fro yo for dinner”

  1. I love that you made friends to run with during your 5K Color run! I have totally done fro-yo as my dinner before (after a big and late lunch) and I generally mostly add fruit as the toppings to justify it as a “healthy” dinner. but when I do fro-yo as dessert, I go for Oreo cookies with Chai flavored fro-yo. It’s the bomb!

  2. I tend to a more neutral flavored froyo, and definitely pile on the chocolate toppings. Mine would *never* be mistaken for a “healthy dinner”, that’s for sure! 🙂 For better or worse, there aren’t the same kind of froyo places out here as there are in the US. Here, THEY serve you a small pile of froyo and add the toppings. Much less fun! :(I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this (and some things about my eating “philosophy”), but I actually had an ice cream sundae “for” dinner a few weeks back. [I did come home and have a salad with quinoa, but FIRST I ate the ice cream sundae!] It hit the spot, and I refused to feel guilty about it! 🙂

    1. As far as candy toppings I always like putting Reese’s Pieces or gummy worms on mine!I didn’t realize you had a blog!! I’m pretty sure in the past your name wasn’t a link but I just saw that it is now!

  3. Happy National Running Day!!! Yay, Wytheville! I’ll have to check out that frozen yogurt place next time I drive through there. I’m kind of pathetic and usually get chocolate and vanilla yogurt with no toppings. Can you believe it?I once coached a running group of 145 people. It was hard to get to know them all, but I enjoyed getting many of them from the couch to the MCM finish line! I prefer my smaller group of about 15 Cruisers!

    1. You should check it out! I thought it was pretty good. I cannot believe you don’t put toppings on. I think that’s the best part! I like to get a little bit of one flavor of yogurt, put some toppings on, and then get another flavor of yogurt, etc. That way my yogurt and toppings are layered. That is a lot of people to coach! I don’t know how you kept up with everyone!

  4. It makes me smile that you found a group of people to run with through a color run!:)FROYO isn’t something I do often (don’t tell the blogging/running community). I think your combo sounds yummy. I usually stick to vanilla, hot fudge, and brownie combinations!

    1. Yea! I’m so glad that I found such a great group to run with. It’s also really neat running into them at races in the area now.

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