Chick Days – 8 weeks old

Last weekend we got around to installing the hog wire along the bottom of the chicken coop and burying it in the ground. This doesn’t have much to do with the chickens and more to do with the fact that our puppy, Scout, liked to go under the coop. It will keep both Hank and Scout, our digger dogs, out from under the building.

On Friday we tried something new with the chickens. I read that that they really like table scraps and that most foods are safe for them. There are some big no no’s like avocados and uncooked beans. I found a good article HERE about what is okay and what is not okay to feed them. You shouldn’t feed them certain foods because it will cause an off flavor in the eggs, but other foods are actually toxic. That being said, I had a bunch of scraps from cutting up fruit that we decided to give them.

I gave them flesh and seeds from cantaloupe, flesh/seeds from honey dew, some bits of apple, and tops of strawberries. At first they were a little skeptical about the new food.

But once one brave soul discovered there was some good stuff in the bowl everyone had to get in on the action. The fruit was a hit!

Also on Friday (as well as other days during the week) they had some outside time in the chicken run. It was really windy on Friday which made things kind of funny. Every time there was a big gust of wind all of the chickens would run back into the coop. Then they would slowly come back out again. This happened over and over.

One more picture to show you how big they are getting.

Once we get the chicken wire covering put on the top of the chicken run (to protect from hawks, coons, etc.) and the chicken wire attached to the fence and buried in the ground (to protect from the dogs), the chickens will have free access to the run area during the day. It’ll be fun to look out the kitchen window and watch them running around out there. The weather is nice today and the wind has finally died down, so I’m hoping to put the finishing touch on the chicken run today.

6 thoughts on “Chick Days – 8 weeks old”

  1. Are your chicks friendly? Do they like being handled/ Will they let you handle them? If you handle them now, will it be easier to collect eggs from them later without getting your hands pecked? LYM

    1. They are all friendly, but some of them spook easier than others. The white one (Agnes) will come up to me to be picked up and pet. They will all let me pick them up, but it’s a matter of catching them first 🙂 Collecting eggs shouldn’t be an issue. The only problem will be if they get broody, where they stubbornly sit on the eggs trying to make them hatch. Not only will they peck at you, but they also won’t get off of the egg to eat or do anything else.

  2. GAH! Suddenly you have…CHICKENS! They’re all grown up! Nature is amazing. Glad they can help you with the recycling of food waste, too! You can’t get much more plugged into the “nutrient cycle” than that. Thanks again for sharing these fun posts! 🙂

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