Chick Days – 7 weeks old

This week’s Chick Days post is up today because I have to work (boo), which means no long run until tomorrow. I have to work on Saturdays periodically from May – October. So enjoy one day early!

Not a lot happened in the world of chicks this week. We were out of town last weekend and then Barry came down with a stomach bug on Monday (he’s feeling better now, though!). Most of the tasks we have left are not things I can do myself. So I thought instead I would share a bunch of pictures showing how they have grown since the day we brought them home.

I picked up our chicks when they were 4 day old fuzz balls:

At two weeks old they had grown enough to need a little more space, so they moved into a Rubbermaid tub:

We had some warmer weather during their third week so they got to experience being outside for the first time:

The chicks changed a lot by the time they reached four weeks old. They started getting more feathers and started doing lots of growing:

At five weeks old they had grown enough and had enough feathers to move outside to the chicken coop:

Once they moved out to the coop, we got to work on their chicken run area. This is a fenced in outside area attached to the coop . The chickens got to test out their new run when they were six weeks old:

And now they are on seven weeks old. They continue to grow and explore their new home place:

Five of them are red, like the chicken pictured above, but one is more white. Remember how I said they are named Lady, Dolores, Agnes, Cecilia, Beatrice, and Reba? Well, the white one is Agnes:

Don’t ask me who is who with the other five red ones, because I don’t know. But I do know which one Agnes is!

6 thoughts on “Chick Days – 7 weeks old”

    1. I think they are considered full grown at 6 months, but can continue to put on weight (depending on the breed) up to 18 months.

  1. I can’t even believe how fast they grow. I wonder if in time you will be able to keep them all straight based on personality or some tiny physical detail?

    1. It amazes me how quickly they have changed over the past 6 weeks. Maybe I’ll eventually be able to tell them apart based on personality! I forgot to mention one of the red ones has a crooked beak, and that’s Cecilia. 🙂

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