Happy 3rd Birthday, Mr. Hank!

I was feeling exhausted today, so I decided to swap my track workout for a 6 mile easy run. After an 8 hour workday turned into a 10 hour workday and driving nearly 300 miles during work, I just wasn’t physically or mentally up for a track workout. It was definitely the right decision.

This past Sunday we celebrated Hank’s third birthday! I cannot believe we have already had him nearly three years. On July 4, 2010 Barry and I were driving back from our honeymoon and we picked up 7 week old Hank on our way home (this was planned, not spur of the moment).

He turned out to be a very good rider (and continues to be today) and pretty much slept with his head in Barry’s lap the whole way home. He was just 19 pounds when we brought him home!

The first thing we did was give him a bath, because the had fleas. He looked at me like “why are you doing this to me!?”

That little face melts my heart. He still gives me that look today, albeit a bigger version of it.

Hank is the first dog that’s truly mine, so naturally I have way too many pictures of him.

Some of his hobbies include riding on equipment:

Taking naps:

Playing fetch:

Taking naps:


Riding in the truck:

Napping while riding in the truck:

He doesn’t even mind if someone sits on his head while he naps:

Dressing up in costume:

Taking naps:

And of course running:

And tracking:

Hank is also a proud graduate and holds a degree in Puppy Kindergarten.

He recently acquired his own puppy, who he named Scout. So far he has done a good job training her and teaching her the tricks of the trade.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hank! You’re the best dog a kid could ask for!

If you have pets, how old are they?

What do you do to celebrate your pet’s birthday?

12 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Mr. Hank!”

  1. Awe. He is precious. Your pictures and captions are hilarious! My greyhound Lemon is 6. We try to hike on her birthday, but sometimes she is lazy and would rather sleep.

  2. Aww, Hank! Happy birthday!! I love seeing all of the photos over the years. He’s such a cool dog!We don’t celebrate our dog’s birthday because she’s a pound puppy and we don’t know when it is, or even which year! I did have a birthday party (with guests) for my first dog’s first birthday though. Hats and cake and the whole works. LOL

    1. Hahaha I love that you had a full blown birthday party for your first dog’s first birthday!! Hank received birthday cards in the mail on his first birthday, but we didn’t throw him a party.

  3. I let them sleep all day and then feed them. No wait, that is everyday!Your other puppies are 8 and 13, and they said Happy Birthday to nephew Hank!LUD

  4. Happy birthday Hank! He sure does have the sweetest face! I like how he’ll just put his head in Barry’s lap when you’re in the car haha.

    1. He gets away with a lot with that face 🙂 I go to yell at him and I get that head cocked to the side look and then it’s hard to stay mad.

  5. Oh my gosh…his puppy photos!!! So wrinkly!!! I think i’ve fallen in love. I also love the photo of him and Scout napping in the truck when she’s little! Cooper is quite fond of his naps, too, ha. I think Indy could care less as long as he got to play fetch all day.

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