One of those days

This evening Barry and I headed to the trail in town for a run. I ended up with 6.21 miles at just under 10 minute pace. Not too bad since I was planning on 3 miles. Sometimes not following a training plan has its benefits. Barry ran with me for the first half of the run and then took off for the second half of his run.

It was one of those days today…. you know what I’m talking about. All of us have been there at one point or another. Half a mile into the run I was fighting a losing battle. Finally at the halfway point I saw a beautiful sight:

Thank goodness and thank you to whoever decided to install a restroom at the head of the New River Trail! After that pit stop I was good to go the rest of the time and never had any more issues. The trail was really pretty today. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and everything is super green.

I’m so happy spring is finally truly here! I also saw some fresh hoof prints from a horse (and some fresh horse turds) but I never saw the horse. Maybe next time.

Now for some random stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with running. First, this is how Hank laid with Scout this afternoon while she chewed on a toy:

I think it’s safe to say he’s just a little possessive of her? And then there this:

There are two points to this picture. One: Hank likes to have his forearms rubbed. He will walk up and place his paw in your hand to ask for a rub. Two: Hank looks like a huge dog when he sits in front of Barry while Barry is on the couch. Maybe he really is that big and we just don’t notice because we’re used to him?

What was your run/workout today?

What other types of trail users do you see besides runners/walkers?
On the state park trail I see cyclists and horseback riders in addition to runners/walkers.

12 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. Today was a rest day after 6 days of running straight. I almost wanted to go out for a quick jog this evening, but I held back 🙂 You have got to find someone to thank for installing that bathroom! I do love when they appear at the right moment!

  2. “Hank looks HUGE!” = my first thought when I saw that photo…I was supposed to run today, but instead I went to a 75 minute yin yoga class that left my hips feeling SO GOOD that I couldn’t bear to tighten them back up by running. Run date tomorrow (erm…today?) instead!

    1. Haha, I guess he is huge! We are so used to him, but we get that reaction from people when we take him on a walk or to the pet store.

  3. We occasionally see horses on the W&OD Trail. We also see rollerbladers, jog strollers, bike trailers, and I even saw a lady on an ElliptiGO last year!Hank is so sweet, and yes, he looks huge to me! It’s so cute that he likes to have his forearms rubbed!

    1. How cool to see an ElliptiGO!! I think I’ve only seen one on an online video of Shalane Flanagan (I think she’s the elite that uses/promotes them?) using one.

  4. Silks.When I am on the W&OD, especially on the weekends, the silks are out. Those road bike riders that are in groups of at least three, wearing their colors and disobeying all of the trail rules. Occasionally I run across one that has tangled with a slower moving bike. I feel for the slow mover but have a pretty good idea of what happened.Today on a paved trail next to 123, I got a kick out of a silk trying clean dog poop off of his wheel. What he didn’t realize was there was poop on his back too!. I am so easily amused.Missing Hank and Scout.LUD.

    1. You gotta watch out for the ‘silks’! I have also seen wrecks on the W&OD involving silks, except it was silk vs. runner. No good! Hahaha wish I had been there to see that guy with the dog poop on his back! It would have amused me, too. LYSYB.

  5. Hank looks massive. And Barry is a tall guy, right? Hank is massive. Spooners! Adorable!!! That looks like such a beautiful running path! Sometimes I have mountain bikers on my trails and horses.

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