Goodbye Beach

This morning I hit the boardwalk for one last run before it’s time to head home. I only had time for a quick 2 mile run, since I was a little slow getting out of bed this morning. It was really pretty out today… clear skies and 47 degrees.

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I wussed out and did not challenge the sign at the boardwalk like I said I was going to do in Wednesday’s post. I’m just too much of a rule follower. Where did the rebel side of me go???

Even though the concrete is making my shins sore and my calves tight, I ran where that silly sign said to run.

Now it’s time for me to make my way back to the mountains. It’s been fun, old friend.

View from my balcony on the sixth floor.

I think it’s cool how the sky in this picture kind of matches the sky on the background of my blog.

How do you keep yourself entertained on a long car trip?

Do your legs get sore when you switch from pavement to concrete/trails to pavement?

Are you a rule follower or a rebel?

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Beach”

  1. I sing really badly to myself to me entertained during a long car ride haha. And I definitely feel more tight when I run on pavement! And I’m a rule follower to a tee haha. Have a safe drive back home!!

  2. My legs feel very beat up after I run on concrete. Sunday’s GW Parkway race was on a concrete road and I could feel the difference! I am such a rule follower that it’s embarrassing. If I were to break a rule, I would be caught immediately. I’m driving to SW VA on Monday, so I will be playing my music loudly to stay awake. Drive safely!

  3. I haven’t noticed my legs hurting from switching terrain, but I know trails make my legs feel the best and concrete hurts the worst! Hope you had a safe trip!

  4. MUSIC! Back when we had to put in a CD to listen to music we would go through every CD in our 100+ CD collection and Glenn and I would each pick one song to listen to on the CD. It was always fun. We’ve also played the alphabet game :)Aw, shucks. I’m a rule follower!

    1. That sounds like fun! I remember the days of having piles of CD’s in the car for a long trip, prior to iPod’s. And before that I also remember having a whole bin full of cassette tapes.

    1. Yea, when they blatanly have signs every block indicating bikes on the bike path and pedestrians on the boardwalk I’m going to follow it. Now if it was one sign at the end of the boardwalk I would have been more likely to ignore it.

  5. Long car trip entertainment = Rockin’ music (like, I rock out hard enough to make the other drivers wonder) or, if I’m feeling mellow, an audiobook.

    1. I’ve been enjoying audiobooks lately! I drive between 2,000 to 3,000 miles a month for work, so music gets old after awhile.

  6. Mountains > beach. Concrete is killer on my legs. I still to dirt trails as many times as I can during the week…and if not that, then pavement.

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