Toughen up buttercup

Thank you for all your advice and input yesterday! Y’all definitely helped me look at it in a different way than I was thinking about it. All my brain could think was that I never run the day before a long run, not that a 3 mile run shouldn’t be enough to destroy my long run. With that being said, I took the “suck it up buttercup” route and ran an easy 3 miles this afternoon. I should note that Barry did not think I should have run today, so if my long run is a disaster tomorrow I will have no sympathy from him.

I’m still feeling tired (the sleepy kind of tired) but hopefully another night’s rest will help with that. I took it easy this morning and then I just couldn’t skip a run this afternoon with it being 53 degrees outside! That means shorts and a t-shirt!! I ran an easy 10:27/mile pace on the trail in town.

The traditional blogger-runner picture.

During mile 2 of my run I got chased by a black pomeranian-type dog. It was a small dog, probably not more than 10 pounds at the most. However, it was barking and growling like crazy and chased me down the trail. Small dogs bite, too, so I kicked gravel at it. This made it stop for a second, as I think I startled it, and then it chased me some more. So for about 2 tenths of a mile I picked it up to 8 minute pace. Shortly after this I got super dizzy, but I didn’t feel like I was too hot or anything. It was very strange, but it went away within the next half mile.

He looked like this but all black.

After my run I stopped by Magic Mart (similar to a K Mart) to pick up a few things, including these delicious things:

Sorry I failed to take a picture before opening the bag. I was hungry and they were good, and the picture was an afterthought.
I think it’s really pretty in town right now. All of the snow has melted around town but there’s still snow on the mountains, which looks really neat. I tried to capture it in this picture while I was stopped at the caution light.
See the snow on the mountains?
Speaking of traffic lights, I have been a yellow light magnet lately. It’s starting to get really ridiculous. Basically what happens is as I am approaching a green light it turns yellow right as I’m just far enough away to still have to stop. There are three stop lights that I go through in town to get to the trail, and I get stopped at each one. This same phenomenon happens to other people when they are driving and I am in the car. I guess I’m bad luck when it comes to red lights or something?

Since it’s so pretty outside today I spent some time in the backyard playing fetch with Hank and Scout. They had a blast.

“We are having so much fun!”

Hank loves to pose for pictures:

Scout enjoys chasing and “kicking” the soccer ball as well as the tennis balls and practice soft balls that we play with:

And after about 10 minutes of playing they were both tuckered out. Hank keeps his eye on the ball, though:

And then Scout decided she was thirsty and proceeded to eat what little snow was left by the camper:

Speaking of dogs, have you seen this Iams commercial? I think there’s a newer Iams commercial now, but this one is so cute. Especially right at the very end! Irish Wolfhounds are sooo big! 

If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Is it looking like spring, yet, where you live?

Do you like sourdough pretzels?
They’re my favorite kind of pretzel!

What are your weekend plans? Doing anything special for Easter?

10 thoughts on “Toughen up buttercup”

  1. Those nuggets are tasty.The dogs looked like they have a blast together. That makes me happy. My dog never enjoys her time with other dogs. She tolerates them and just pretends they aren’t there.No Easter plans… it’ll be a race-recovery day 🙂

  2. Ack, I’m suck a sucker for floppy ears! Looks like they had so much fun! Ha Indy is like Hank…always has to have the ball in sight, even when he’s not playing with it. My goodness the dogs you run into! Do people just not have yards in your town? It seems a little out of control. I am also a huge fan of that Iams commercial!! It makes me so happy when I see it! Good luck on your long run today!!

    1. No, people in town that live along the trail do have yards but I just encounter these loose dogs all the time. There’s a leash law in the whole county, but it’s not enforced. The house where this pomeranian lives has at least 6 dogs. Two of them are tied, two are in a dog run, and two run loose, one of which is the pomeranian.As far as the white pitbull that chases me, that’s on the roads around my house. We live in the county and it’s mostly farms out here, so loose dogs are common. I’m just unlucky enough to live near the unfriendly ones.

  3. Hopefully hit the Accotink trail for a long bike ride if it’s not too muddy. May end up on the W&OD with the silks.Off to Sunrise Service with Nana on Sunday. Hope the weather holds out.LUD.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Iams commercial; what a great dog! I think the little black Pomeranian that chased you was my brother’s dog’s ghost! Burr was the nastiest little ankle biter. I love dogs, but couldn’t stand him! I hope your long run goes well today!Happy Easter!

    1. I love that commercial so much! Even when I’m watching a show we’ve recorded with our DVR I always stop and watch that commercial. It drives my husband nuts, because he just wants to skip through the commercials (kind of the point of the DVR). Haha! Maybe it is your brother’s dog’s ghost!! I will yell at him by name next time and see what he does!

  5. Pomeranians are biters! I used to work at a humane society and I had two of them bite me, and I’ve been chased by them more than once on a run. I swear little dog are much more aggressive. My dog has been attacked while running three times: once by three jack russells, once by three yorkies, and once by a Boston terrier. Small dogs are evil. LOLI have the same woe w/ stoplights. I usually take a turn and run down the street until I can cross and then loop back up to the street I was originally on. OR, if I’m lazy, I stand there and enjoy the break while it changes back to green.

    1. Yikes, I better be careful of him. He goes after my heel/achilles area and that would really not be cool if he actually bit me. I do carry pepper spray, but I’d be more likely to kick a small dog than pepper spray it.

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