A (mostly) progressive run

I was able to get my run done early this afternoon at 1PM before traveling for a meeting. Normally I’m out and about all day during work and unable to be home at lunch time, but more on that in a second.

I did a 4 mile progressive run with Barry on the roads around our house. This was a tough run. Usually I do my progressive runs on the trail in town, which is not near as hilly as it is by our house. I think it was hillier on the way back for today’s out and back, which made dropping my pace more difficult.

Mile 1- 10:16

Mile 2- 9:50
Mile 3- 9:25
Mile 4- 9:29 (oops, ran out of gas at the end)

The overall average pace of the run was 9:45/mile. The last progressive run I did was 2 weeks ago and was a 4 mile run. It was on the trail in town and my average pace was 9:33/mile with the last mile being 8:53. Either I wimped out today or running here at the house was more challenging. I’m going with the latter ๐Ÿ™‚

So the reason I could run during lunch time was that I have to travel to the coast this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow. It’s a 6 hour trek over to Norfolk, so I was actually home at lunch time to get my stuff for overnight.

That means I’ll be treadmilling it on the hotel treadmill in the morning. I’m going to get my run done in the morning since I’ll be driving home tomorrow evening after the meeting, and I probably won’t get home until after 9.

Do you ever do progressive runs? What do you think of them?

How do you get your run/workout in when you have to travel?

10 thoughts on “A (mostly) progressive run”

  1. That is a long drive for work!! I went to undergrad at CNU in Newport News and crossing the bridge to Norfolk was always the worst!Definitely the hills! Way to conquer them, though! and the second half definitely looked harder!I have never done a progressive run…perhaps I will have to start adding them in. I haven’t had to travel a lot to figure it out, but my mom travels ALL THE TIME, so I made her a strength training workout book that she can use in her hotel room without weights that includes cardio moves like mountain climbers and such to keep the heart rate up while doing the strength moves. I suppose treadmill would have to be the way to go for a run (which makes my soul cringe), unless you were in an area that you were comfortable (both with safety and not getting lost) to run outside in.

    1. Is that the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel? That’s the only one I had to go over/through Tuesday and Wednesday. I like progressive runs because it’s really up to you how much you want to make it hurt, as you increase your speed. In the past when I’ve traveled for work I’ve been able to find somewhere outside to run (usually per hotel recommendation), but that wasn’t the case for this trip since it was dark when I got there and the sun was barely up when I left.

    2. Yup, that’s the one!! When I moved out to VA it blew my mind because I had never been in a tunnel that went UNDER WATER!?!?! I’ve only been on the ones that went through mountains. Well if you ever have to go back that way, I can recommend some fun trails in Newport News!

    3. Haha, yea. When we went to VA Beach when I was a kid we’d hold our breath through the tunnel since it went under the water. The ones we have on the side of the state I live in all go under mountains, though.

  2. What a drive you have in front of you.. be safe!I try to find a local street or path that the hotel employees say is in a safe area. If that doesn’t work I use the treadmill, too.Haven’t tried a progression run, but I plan to do so after recovering from this weekend’s race.

  3. I haven’t done a progressive run but I need to try one! As for traveling, I just ask the hotel desk worker if/where it’s safe to run. I stick to daylight if possible, too, or I hit the treadmill. Have a safe trip!

    1. That was the downside to this trip- since it was a quick “turn around” trip I never had any daylight to run in. Usually for longer trips I’m able to find a trail to run on in the afternoon.

  4. Drive safely! Like the above posts, I usually ask the front desk staff about safe running trails nearby. If there aren’t any, I’ll use the treadmill or elliptical. Since I don’t travel for work, my husband is usually with me and I don’t have to run alone in an area I don’t know.

    1. I wish I could bring my husband with me!! Although he tends to speed up during a run and leaves me behind, so that may not work out so well ๐Ÿ™‚

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