A hair cut and we have some visitors!

Fly by post today since my husband’s parents are visiting for the weekend!

Yesterday was my first complete rest day in 35 days. In lieu of exercise I spent the afternoon/evening giving Hank and Scout baths, cleaning the floors, dusting, and doing laundry. At the end of the day I still felt like I had done a decent amount of work (my back said so, anyway). Before all that happened, I went and got my hair cut after work. It felt great to get some of the length off of it. Here is the before picture:

And here is the after picture:

And here’s how it looks when I haven’t had it blow dried/straightened by my hairdresser:

Works for me!

This morning I met up with my running buddy, Kim, for a long run at the trail in town. Barry came, too, but he did his own long run at a faster pace (nearly 12 miles at 8:04 pace!). I thought it was nearly 40 degrees, so I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt, but it turns out it was closer to 32 degrees at the start. It did warm up to 40 degrees by the end of the run, though. I was a bit cold at the start, but I warmed up. Kim and I did 8 miles together, and then I headed back out for 2 more for a total of 10 miles.

As I headed out for my last 2 miles a freight train was coming through town. He was going really slow since there was an Easter egg hunt going on in the park right next to the train tracks. I tried to race him, but it turns out even a slow freight train is still pretty fast. I held my own for about 100 feet and then he passed me. Next time, freight train, next time…

We ran a few errands in town and came home and grabbed quick showers. Then we headed up to Radford with my in-laws for some lunch. After lunch we got some fro-yo. It had been entirely too long! (I think since Christmas)

I put vanilla flavored frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and pineapple and then another layer of vanilla yogurt with gummie worms, reese’s pieces, and nerds. Just as we sat we down to eat the movie “Flicka” came on TV. I tried to eat my fro-yo really slow so we could stay and watch the whole thing, but that didn’t work out.

Once we finished gallivanting around Radford, we took the scenic route home and showed my in-laws the farm my husband works at, which is down the road from our house. These are some dairy cows out in the field. I made it big so it’d be easier to see.

They also raise beef cattle. Do you see the new babies laying on the hill? They look like ants in this picture.

Do you get excited to get your hair cut? How often do you get it cut?
I get mine cut every 4-6 months. I think you’re supposed to go more frequently than that, though.

What is your long run/workout this weekend?

Have you ever seen the movie Flicka with Tim McGraw?

13 thoughts on “A hair cut and we have some visitors!”

  1. I always forget to cut my hair. It usually ends up being 6-8 months! I had a 17.75k (11.03 miles) this morning and tomorrow I will probably do something shorter closer to 6 miles on trails and then I have a soccer game. I have actually never seen that movie, perhaps I will have to check it out?!

    1. Have fun at your game! I played soccer from Kindergarten through high school and I miss it sooo much! You should check out Flicka- it’s pretty good (at least I like it). It’s about a girl and a horse 🙂

  2. I usually end up waiting 5-6 mo. to cut my hair, too. I’m horrible about it! Yours looks great!! The farm is beautiful! I love rolling countryside like that.

  3. 10 miles… just like you!I wait forever to get a haircut, too. I shouldn’t, but I get bored with the idea of sitting in the chair to get a cut I probably won’t like (I’m rarely really happy when I leave).Yours is cute, though!! :)Flicka was a great movie…

    1. Long run twins! I actually enjoy getting my hair cut. Having your hair washed feels so good and I love catching up with my hair dresser. Plus I’m usually in and out in 30 minutes or less.

  4. I absolutely get my hair cut about every 6 months. I know people who do it religiously every 6 weeks and I cannot imagine that. By 6 weeks, I think I have finally gotten used to my new haircut! I love baby cows (cattle?) so much! I used to run past them all the time in Colorado and they are just so cute 🙂

    1. I agree – calves are so cute! There are some in a field I run by that come right up to the fence and then spook and run away as I go by.

  5. Your haircut is cute! I get my hair cut about every three months. The main criteria for my hairdresser is that she leaves it long enough so I can put it in a ponytail when I run! :-)The farm is beautiful. It pretty much looks like where I grew up. I love Holsteins, but my favorite baby calf is a Hereford/Angus mix. They are precious when they’re tiny.

    1. We have the same haircut criteria. What you said is exactly what I told my hairdresser when she was asking how much I wanted off. I think Jersey calves are the cutest, because they look like deer, but in general I don’t like Jerseys. Have you ever seen a Scot Highlander? They’re hilarious. My favorite breed of beef is black baldys, though.

  6. definitely approve of the hair cut! :)growing up i was obsessed with horses, i put on repeat Black Beauty (but umm, talk about a downer a bit…lol) and the Black Stallion. i didn’t catch Flicka though, maybe i’ll need to. hehe

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