All done!!

This morning I did my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred level 3 workout. Guess what!? Today was day 30 which means I am all done with the 30 day program! I intend to incorporate this into my cross training, especially until it gets warm enough to ride my bike.

Biking on the state park trail

This evening I headed out for a 4 mile run. It actually did warm up to 50 degrees today, but it is incredibly windy. We are having sustained winds of 25 mph with gusts over 30 mph. I ran an out and back course on the roads around our house (which means lots of hills!). On the way out the wind was coming at an angle from the side and at one point it was completely in my face. Somehow on the way back it continued to be directly in my face or from the side. A few times it gusted so hard it would blow me to the side before I could react.

That picture is meant to show you how windy it is. Note my hair flying out and my shirt all puffed up from the wind.
It actually got a little dangerous a few times, when branches blew out of trees on to the road, right where I happened to be. I dutifully pulled larger branches out of the road and put them in the ditch. I also encountered random pieces of trash flying at me across the road. Fun stuff. I was able to manage a 9:55 pace. Pretty good for me, considering I sometimes run slower than that when there’s absolutely no wind.

I almost didn’t go today, because the wind was so ridiculous. I actually got mad at the wind just for blowing so hard. But of course, I’m glad I did it. If I have to miss a planned run for a reason other than being injured/sick, it drives me nuts. In the span of things, it’s not going to do me any harm to have my weekly mileage be 4 miles less than what it was supposed to be….. but still.
And just because this is cute (or at least I think it is), here’s a picture of Scout sleeping on the couch this morning. She has her chin resting on a small rectangular-shaped pillow.

What kind of cross training do you do?

Do you still go out and run when it’s really windy?

If you have to skip a weekday run does it bother you?

P.S. The weather man just used the words “snow” “big kahuna” and “Sunday night” in the same sentence…. oh boy.

P.P.S. The news also just reported there is a Lululemon recall on 17% of their yoga pants because they are see-through! CNN Article HERE

Did you know about the Lululemon recall??

8 thoughts on “All done!!”

  1. Congrats for finishing your 30 days!! Do you feel any different? I try to bike to work as often as I can and incorporate yoga in as well. I should really do some more lifting (or 30 day shred!). I don’t mind running in the wind as much as I absolutely despise biking in the wind. It does bother me when I have to miss a weekday run when there’s not a “good” reason. Yesterday and today I haven’t been able to go out running because I’ve been on puppy potty training duty, but I’m hoping to get out tomorrow because I’m working from home and Friday because I have the day off!I could go for a “Big Kahuna” storm on Sunday if it gets me a snow day on Monday!

    1. Thanks!! I definitely feel stronger. I also noticed running a 9:40 pace during training (which used to be a comfortably hard pace) feels a bit easier/more doable. Puppy potty training can be very time consuming! Hope the “Big Kahuna” brings you a snow day on Monday 🙂 I think they said 3-6 inches, which isn’t all that much, but enough for us Virginians to freak out and cancel everything!

  2. Sorry but that Lululemon recall makes me laugh! I’m too cheap for any of their clothes so that doesn’t affect me. I just heard a preliminary forecast for Sunday-Monday that involved 2-digit snow that starts with a TWO. OMG. I hope they change their minds! Cold wind is the one thing that will consistently make me run to the treadmill with my tail between my legs. TOO COLD.

    1. No, I thought it was funny too. I own only one article of Lululemon. It wouldn’t matter what company it was, though. Its funny that they’re having a recall because the pants are see through. Oh man that is a lot of snow! And if I had a treadmill that’s where I would have run yesterday.

  3. In addition to cardio, I lift weights three days a week, and try to really focus on my core during those workouts. I hate missing a run, but I’m not so bothered if I miss a cross-training day on my stationary bike. A lot of my runs are in the woods, so if it’s horribly windy, I might run along the parkway to avoid getting hit by a falling branch.

    1. Great job lifting 3 times per week! I should be doing that, haha. I never realized the danger of falling tree branches during a windy run until yesterday!

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