Black Hollow Long Run

I decided to do my 8 mile long  run on a road a little over a mile from our house called Black Hollow Road. To get to Black Hollow, you have to go down this monster hill about a mile into the run, which means towards the end of your run you have to make the climb back out of the hollow. Black Hollow Road itself winds through farmland and I usually see very few cars. Today I saw three cars and one tractor, and a whole lot of cows, horses, and sheep.

It’s a really nice day outside today. It was around 27 degrees, with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. It’s supposed to warm up to nearly 60 degrees today! The temperature had already climbed to 40 degrees by the end of my run. Despite the nice weather, I didn’t feel all that great today. Just one of those days, I guess. Right from the first step I took at the end of our driveway, my legs felt heavy and tired.

I kept plugging along and around 2 miles into the run my legs finally shut up. I guess after ignoring them for about 20 minutes they figured I wasn’t going to listen to their protests that they were too tired for hills today. Speaking of which, check out the elevation from today’s run. I still need to check the elevation stuff on my watch through Garmin Connect. The run was a lot hillier than it looked on this elevation profile, especially the descent at mile 1 and the ascent at mile 7.

After I got past 2 miles, I just took the entire rest of the run one mile at a time. Sometimes you just have to do that to get through a long run. So the miles ticked off one by one, and before I knew it I was back at the big climb out of the hollow, close to mile 7. I took one short walk break about halfway up, but I’m glad to report I ran almost the entire thing. I finished up my run back to the house, with a 10:47 pace. Good enough for me, since I was questioning my ability to complete 8 miles after the first mile today. I also had my pepper spray with me today, in case I had a run in with the pit-mix dog (I had to run past his house twice today), but he wasn’t out, thank goodness.  

View from the bottom of the climb up from Black Hollow, just before mile 7.
View from part way up, where the hill levels off and then climbs some more
Black Hollow Rd. is the one going off to the right at the bottom.
Once I got home, I had a quick breakfast of some scrambled eggs with hot sauce. Then I headed into town for that exciting thing I mentioned on Thursday that was happening today! Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is, since this post would be entirely too long if I included it today.

When I got back home, I did my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, level 2 workout. Today was the last day at level 2, so tomorrow morning I will be doing level 3. Yikes!

Don’t forget to spring forward tonight! One of the two times a year it would really stink to work in a clock shop, haha.

What was your long run/workout this weekend?

Did you know Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe Daylight Saving Time?

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Black Hollow Long Run”

  1. I know how those runs feel! Sometimes you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you finally get there. I had one of those this morning on a short 4 miler before work. I went out without a particular plan and was just wandering around thinking “how am I not at xx miles yet??” Other days the miles just fly by!No long runs this weekend – I got sick late last week so I tried to take it easy and stuck to a 4-6 milers instead.

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