Glad to have that one in the books

I bet you can’t guess what I did before work this morning. Okay, you guessed it- another day at level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Sorry… I know that was lame. This was day 6 at level 2, and day 16 overall in the program. I just keep trucking along with it.

It warmed up to the low 40’s today, and then started raining around mid-afternoon. As soon as the rain started the temperature steadily dropped, and was hovering around 38 degrees when I headed out for my 4 mile run after work.

Let me tell you I am glad to have this one in the books. It was cold, windy, and raining/sleeting during my run. I’m happy to be back inside and out of that nastiness. When it gets this cold, I’d prefer to run in snow over this rain that just chills you to the bone. The run itself went pretty well. My legs were feeling tired from yesterday, but I managed a 9:59/mile pace.

My post-run “glad to be done” face

I had another encounter with that white pitbull-mix dog that has been loose lately. He didn’t see me on my way out (and I never saw him), but on my way back he chased me. He ran out into the road, barking and chased me across the road and then continued to chase me down the road. I tried to just keep running to get away from him, but he jumped up and put both of his front paws on my back. At this point I slowed briefly to a walk and yelled at him to go on. A little further down the road he turned around and went back to his yard. I am always afraid to try and hit or kick a dog that’s chasing me, because I am afraid it will provoke the dog. But the next time I run in that direction I am going to bring my pepper spray. If I have to use it I hope it tells the dog to stop messing with me. I hope using pepper spray won’t make the dog react more aggressively.

When I got home I found this much cuter, friendly puppy (Scout) sound asleep in her crate.

Isn’t she cute? Hank was jealous I wasn’t taking his picture, so I took one of him too.

Hank likes posing for the camera

Tonight the rain/sleet is supposed to switch over to snow and the wind is supposed to pick up even more. Tomorrow they’re predicting we will get anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow, with the snow and high winds going on until the early afternoon. This is the reason I did one of my weekly runs yesterday, as I am not expecting to be outside running tomorrow evening. We’ll see, though… sometimes the weathermen get really excited and then the storm peeters out or misses us.

If you had to run in one, would you rather run in rain or snow?

Have you ever been chased by a dog while you were running? What did you do?

Do you have any pets??

6 thoughts on “Glad to have that one in the books”

  1. I am so glad I stopped by tonight instead of missing this post!That dog incident had to be scary. I’ve never been chased, but recently (a couple of months back) a dog got away from its owner and charged at me and bit my leg. The bite was very minor… probably just teeth marks… but my leg was bruised for awhile from the encounter. Pepper spray is a good idea. I’ve also heard carrying a rock is a good idea. Either way, you need to protect yourself, right?That being said, I do have one pet – a dog that I love to pieces. She, too, looks much sweeter to me than the dog that charged me!

    1. Thanks for stoppin’ by 🙂 That incident you had sounds pretty scary! There actually was a gravel driveway across the road when that dog came after me, and it did cross my mind to grab a fist full of gravel. Dogs are the best pets 🙂 Unconditional love.

  2. I would run in snow 100 times over. It doesn’t make you wet, at least not as quickly, and it is peaceful! There really isn’t much good I have to say about rain.As for dogs, yes, I’ve been approached a few times. I only had one really scary event a few years ago when a boxer attacked my greyhound. I had my son with me, but he was on a bike a ways up. It was scary! My husband has been bitten three times in the last few years, but he tells me which dogs to avoid!

    1. It seems so quiet when you’re out on a run and the snow is coming down, doesnt it? Very peaceful! Your dog incident sounds scary! It would be very scary and upsetting to have another dog attack your dog. I’m glad your husband tells you which dogs to avoid. I can’t believe he’s been bitten 3 times, yikes!

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