Four miles

Not much to report today. I started off with Jillian 30 Day Shred level 1 this morning. Today was day 10 in the program, so I will be switching to level 2 tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to seeing what level 2 holds. My running buddy told me it doesn’t have any push ups, so that’ll be nice.

This evening I did a 4 mile recovery run with Barry. My legs were feeling tired after yesterday’s tempo run and even though tonight’s pace was easier the run still felt kind of tough. I’ve also had a headache all afternoon (that I still have right now). As we headed out, I was worried I was overdressed. But the sun started to set and the wind picked up a bit and I was glad to have on my tights and jacket.

We saw a hawk flying around while we were out running. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention that I saw four deer, two of which were babies, on yesterday’s run. I actually almost got hit by a deer on a long run once! I was running along a paved bike trail that had woods on either side and a deer shot right across the trail, only about 5 feet in front of me. It was one of those times where you stop and go “did that really just happen??”.
Not the actual deer I saw, but this is what they were doing.

One last thing. Have you heard of/seen the singing goat videos? They’re hilarious! There are some breeds of goat that tend to be very vocal, so people took that and meshed it with popular songs. I think the Taylor Swift one at the end of the video is the funniest.

Do you like doing push ups/are you good at them?

What was your workout today?

What kind of wildlife have you seen when you’ve been out running?

6 thoughts on “Four miles”

  1. I hate push-ups, but only because I am so bad at them. I should do them more…I had a good run today, but I ended up running a mile longer than planned because I got lost in what is the vastness of the Pentagon complex. I also saw 4 deer on my run today and a lady walking a cat…which is not wildlife…but was pretty wild to see. Back when I lived in Colorado I would sometimes see elk and a few lucky times some moose.

    1. Haha, a lady walking a cat, go figure. That’s cool to see elk and moose! We saw moose when we were in Colorado/Wyoming visiting family when I was in high school. I’ve heard they can actually be quite aggressive if it’s mating season or if they have a calf (I think that’s what the babies are called?).

  2. I haven’t seen the goat videos but I need something funny so I’ll check them out!Workout today? Nil. I’m not as hardcore as most of the rest of the blogosphere. Wildlife I see a lot of as I run in the country and/or the woods a lot. Let’s see, I’ve seen deer, snakes, raccoon, squirrels, rabbits, gophers, frogs, a woodchuck, quail…I think that’s it. Big or small, I freak out (with fear) when I see them. LOL

    1. Everyone needs a rest day 🙂 I’m not hardcore, either. I don’t run near as much as it seems all the other blogger runners do. That’s quite a diverse list of wildlife! I always get startled, too, when I first see an animal while I’m running. I have encountered skunks a few times, since I run at dusk a lot, and I typically just go the other way.

  3. I am not good at push-ups. Gabe gives me a hard time because I do them with my knees down. I’m hoping that the planks I’ve been doing in yoga along with the chata-ranga (spelling!!!!) push-ups will help.On my runs I’ve seen dogs, deer and I really think I saw two tarantulas on one of my runs. They were following one another. I pretended I didn’t see them. I think I’m only fooling myself about how many of them are in Flagstaff. It is Arizona, right?

    1. Knees down push ups still count! Chaa-ranga is so hard, I used to do that move when I did p90x. OMG I would freak out if I saw tarantulas! I don’t think we have them in VA, thank goodness!

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