Another windy run

I started this morning off again with Jillian’s 30 Day Shred level 1. She is kicking my butt! You’d think when you have enough endurance to run for over 2 hours you could handle 20 minutes of strength/cardio/abs. Well, I can handle it, but it is t-o-u-g-h (and it’s only level 1)!

Jillian’s workout made for some sore quad and calf muscles this evening during my 4 mile run. I ran at a slower pace than yesterday, and it was even windier! I somehow tricked myself into believing it wasn’t as cold or windy as it really was, and I headed out in a technical long sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts… big mistake. I froze, especially during the second half of my run, and had to stand by the woodstove in our basement to thaw out afterwards. Turns out it was 34 degrees outside, and that’s not including the windchill (gusts of 10+ mph today). Overnight last night we had gusts up to 60 mph… I’m glad the house didn’t blow away!

Speaking of last night, the apricot chicken turned out pretty good (it’s my Mom’s recipe) and we’re having it as leftovers for dinner tonight.

Delicious! Does anyone else love that Sparking Ice flavored water? I’m obsessed with the lemonade flavor. I also made these cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. I found the recipe on pinterest and they taste like the real deal!

One last thing to share… check out what I came home to this evening:

That would be our puppy’s crate full of stuffing from her gator toy. Apparently she got bored in her crate while I was at work today so she did that. I guess it’s death to “Gator 3” (as in this is her 3rd one…. don’t ask why I keep buying them for her).

The good news is she’ll still carry it around with her like it’s her baby, even though he’s all unstuffed. No need to invest in “Gator 4” just yet….

How was the weather today where you are?

Do you have any pets?

Any restaurant recipes to share with me??

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