Lades and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you . . .

Mr Boy!

I finally got a picture of him after my run today. Barry and I ran a little over 3 miles this evening, and Mr. Boy joined in for the last 0.4 miles of our run. I have talked about him in the past on the blog HERE and HERE. Usually when I finish running I can’t get inside and get my camera before he’s gone. But today Barry kept him entertained until I could get outside, and Mr. Boy was nice enough to strike the above pose on our front walk for me. Then he was off!

As far as the actual run today, it was just so-so. I’m still feeling low on energy, but my back is feeling a bit better. I think the rest over the past 2 days and the icing has helped some. The weather is really nice, though. It’s currently overcast and 48 degrees so I got to run in shorts! They say it’s going to get pretty cold over the next few days and we’re expecting some snow as well. Here we go again…

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