Five miles

I met up with my running buddy for a 5 mile run this morning. We had a fun time chatting and catching up, since we couldn’t run together last weekend. I’m so thankful to have a friend to meet up with on the weekends for long runs. Having a running partner holds you accountable on those early mornings when you’d rather stay in bed. They also help the miles pass by and you can support each other when one (or both) of you is having a tough run.

[photo from Pinterest]

Today the trail was in a little better condition, but it was still covered in snow and ice in a lot of spots. We did 3 miles on the trail and then finished up the last 2 around town. The temperature wasn’t too bad either. It was around 20 degrees when we started out, which really wasn’t bad since it wasn’t windy at all. But once we finished our run and stood around talking for awhile, it felt cold. Now I’m warming up with some scrambled eggs with hot sauce and a steaming mug of coffee 🙂

Don’t mind the spot on the counter where I dripped my coffee while pouring it.

Now it’s off to do my typical, very exciting, Sunday routine of cleaning the house!

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