Winter Running

I was planning on going for a short 3 mile run after work today, but we have another snow storm coming through. The roads are covered and slick, and it is still coming down heavy outside. I just don’t feel like it’s safe to be out on the roads (I really need a treadmill…).

That’s how the roads looked around 11:45 AM this morning. There’s another 2 hours worth of heavy snow on them now. There’s an article on called Top Tips for Safe Winter Running by Jeff Gaudette. It’s got some really good information for runners who have to deal with less than ideal running conditions during the year.

For the record, I am not a big fan of treadmills. But if I had access to one and it meant I could still get my run in as planned, I would deal with it. In the meantime, I will try to utilize some of these eight winter running tips. Today I am following tip #6:

Adjust Your Workout
Although a snow day may be a minor inconvenience, trying to adhere to your plan at all costs could lead to an injury if you slip on the snow or ice. It’s better just to not run, and maybe do some kind of cross training, and push your run to a different day. Missing one workout isn’t going to screw you up in your next race. But getting injured and being out for a month definitely would.
I also really liked tip #7- Keep your shoes dry. It says once you finish a run in slushy/wet weather, you should put newspaper in your shoes to help dry them out. I typically just let mine air dry and use a different pair the next day, but I will be trying this in the future. Last, tip #8- Hydrate like it’s Summer, is also a really good one to keep in mind. I feel like I never drink enough during my colder long runs because I’m not thirsty. I also tend to forget to drink water after a cold weather run, because I’m not dreaming of the tall ice cold glass of water like I am in warmer temperatures.
For today I will just have to leave the running up to my snow dog, who absolutely loves playing outside in this type of weather:

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