Lying to Myself

Recently, I had one of those really crummy runs. You know the ones were you just feel like crap the entire time? Some days you might throw in the towel, but other days you find a way to fight through and get the thing done. This was one of the latter.

Mile 1. Okay, not feeling so good today. But you can’t trust the first mile. The first mile is a liar.

Mile 2. Well, only half a mile to the turnaround.

Turnaround. I should have picked a route with more shade. What was I thinking. Well crap, I was so busy worrying about my route I forgot to turn around. Now I just ran an extra quarter mile.

Mile 3. You know, sometimes it just takes a little while to get into a run. I’m sure things will get better.

Mile 4. Okay, still don’t feel good. Keep going. Last mile.

Mile 5. Yea, yea, I would be done now if I had been paying attention at the turn around. Suck it up, buttercup.

Mile 5.5. Done. Glad that’s over.

Sometimes you have to lie to yourself to make it happen. And then life goes on.

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