So I ran another ultra…

…and it was hard. Who would have thought, right? Ultras are hard guys, but they’re also amazing and incredible.


Yesterday I completed my second (Or third? I’m not sure if Ragnar counts, but I think maybe it does) ultramarathon. I didn’t really talk too much about it leading up to the race, because I wanted to just go out there and do my thing. This time it was the Eastern Divide 50K, which is basically in my backyard, and I think it is the hardest race I have ever done.

The course had the most elevation change I’ve ever dealt with in a race. I ran by myself for a very long time. I got sick on the course more than once, had full on leg cramps, and dealt with the mental stress of making a cut off by mere minutes. There were several times during the day that I feared I would not get to finish, and there were a few where I had resigned myself to not finishing. And I know without a doubt I would not have reached that finish line without Barry’s help during the final 9 miles of the race.

Mile 26-ish. PC: Jordan

I hope to have a full race report by next week. For now, I’m in need of some rest and recovery.

I’m linking up today with Tricia @MissSippiPiddlin’ and Holly @HoHo Runs for their Weekly Wrap link up. Check them out and see who else is linking up this week!


Who else raced this past weekend?
What fun activities did you get up to this weekend?
I hope everyone had a nice Fathers Day!!

16 thoughts on “So I ran another ultra…”

  1. Congratulations for not only finishing the race, but beating that mental battle. I know how hard that is. One of these days, I would love to run an ultra with you and we can battle it out together. It’s always so much easier when running with a friend.

    Great job Barry!

  2. Yes, I think you deserve some rest! I’m guessing you learned a lot about yourself while battling through this incredibly tough challenge. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Thanks for linking with us Meagan!

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