Ragnar Round Two

Last night after work I hit the road to travel up to the DC area. Ragnar Trail Appalachians is finally here!

ragnar trail

Debbie invited me to join her group. Although I have a few reservations about running in the woods in the dark at night, I am really excited. I have really grown to love trails over the past year and am always up for a new trail-related adventure. Not to mention I’ll have a buddy to run with, and I’m always a little braver when I have company.

The relay is made of up three loops that all start and end at the Ragnar Village. Team members alternate legs, so that when it’s all said and done each runner runs each of the three legs. In total, we will cover roughly 120 miles. From the Ragnar website:

From 5,000 acres of pristine trail running, we carefully selected 15.7 miles of Appalachian badassery for you and your team. This trail running Mecca provides you with some of the most exciting and challenging trails on the east coast.

Trail running Mecca? Count me in! I crashed at Debbie’s house last night and we will be carpooling with a couple other teammates to West Virginia this morning. Our team will be starting at 12:30 PM today and should wrap up before Noon tomorrow. No vans this time around. Instead our team of 8 will be camping at Big Bear Lake Camplands (the word ‘bear’ being in the name better not be some kind of sign….). Time to run, camp, sleep (maybe), and then repeat!


Have you ever done a trail relay?
When was the last time you went camping?
We went camping last weekend. As for tent camping… well, it’s been awhile!

8 thoughts on “Ragnar Round Two”

    1. They have a central village area and all three loops start and end in a transition area. When inbound runners are about 2/10th’s out, they run over a mat and they pop up on a screen at the transition area which tells the next runner to head in.

    1. Thanks! As it turns out I didn’t have to do very much in-the-dark running. At this point I think I like the road relay better, but had the weather been more favorable I’d probably have a different answer.

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. it was fun – now that it’s behind us! The mud…. I could have done without; otherwise, I’m ready to do it again; just not in WV. Let’s do Richmond next year! You in?
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…I’m HappyMy Profile

    1. There were definitely times during it when I was not having fun, but the overall experience was amazing. I would definitely do another Ragnar Trail but not that one!

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