Weekly Workout Roundup – June 9 – 15

This past week I took it easy leading up to Saturday’s Varmint 1/2 Marathon. I didn’t realize I had taken three rest days until I sat down to write this post. But it’s just the way things worked out this week, I guess.

Monday- Rest day.

Tuesday- Cross training: 30 Day Shred level 3 workout.

Wednesday- 2.5 mile run on some new trails in town. It was really fun exploring new trails and I’m looking forward to getting back there sometime soon!

Daper Mountain Bike Trails

Thursday- 3.5 mile run with Sven. I had planned on running on the road around our house, to do a short “tune up” on some hilly roads for Saturday’s race. Unfortunately there were some pretty mean storm clouds rolling in right when I got home from work.


A few minutes after I snapped that picture, the storms rolled in. It was a good thing I didn’t try and head out, because I would have been caught in a pretty mean thunderstorm!

Friday- Rest day.

Saturday- Varmint 1/2 Marathon race in Burkes Garden. We had a beautiful day for the race, but I had a bit of a tough day. Despite the tough race, I did enjoy getting to run through the Garden for the third year in a row!

Varmint 1/2 Marahton

Full recap on Wednesday.

Sunday- Rest day. My legs, especially my calves and quads, were very sore from the race. My shoulders were also really sore when I woke up, which I’m guessing is from all of the driving I did Saturday afternoon (a total of 6 hours, driving to a friend’s wedding and back after the race).

Total Miles: 19 miles

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