One more sleep ’till Santa!

Merry Christmas Eve! Our advent tree is full. You know what that means….

One more sleep ’till Santa!!

Barry has to work today (and tomorrow), so I will be at home with the dogs. We will head up to my dad’s house later this week to visit with family. This is the first time we have been in our own house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s a bit of a change for me, but that’s alright. I will be fixing a traditional Christmas dinner of chicken spaghetti and only plan to torture Barry a little bit, when we watch ‘A Christmas Story’ which is my most favorite Christmas movie.

“That star is crooked. No honey, it looks fine.”

 Have a great Christmas Eve!

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

6 thoughts on “One more sleep ’till Santa!”

  1. Enjoy having Christmas in your house! I’ve only seen that movie a few times 🙂 With my mom, we used to get to open one present on Christmas eve and it was always hard to choose which one haha.

  2. Merry Christmas to Meagan, Barry, and the doggeroos! So sad that Barry has to work, but glad you get to see your family, regardless. Have a fantastic holiday!

  3. Merry Christmas, Meagan and Barry (and of course Hank and Scout)!

    We go to 8 PM Christmas Eve mass and then come home and snack on some of our favorite Christmas goodies (sausage roll to name one of them) and have Christmasy cocktails!

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